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In 1969, the ARPANET, which preceded the present vast Internet network, sent its “first message”. html and the first globally accessible website came 22 years later. Seven years later, a prominent economist was arguing that the Internet was unlikely to matter—picking up what he wanted to read on Sunday from columns and interviews published during Golden Week. 8 bottles.

Crypto assets are just getting started

Patience is said to be a virtue. But markets, or at least some of the markets and participants we hear about on a daily basis, like to make quick profits. Long-term investors may sleep better at night, but they don’t get much attention.

But patience pays off when it comes to cryptocurrency development. The network, which launched in beta with big promises of rapid growth, has languished due to rushed design. ……read more.

Price is the true indicator of Bitcoin’s success

Many investment advisors say the market is efficient and you just need to own the market. In other words, instead of choosing individual stocks, I recommend diversified investments or passive funds (funds that aim to track stock or bond indices). Many investment advisors believe that the price of an asset reflects its value and therefore the price is correct. ……read more.

Bitcoin transactions hit all-time high on a day the US government secretly bailed out banks


On April 30th, while the U.S. government was secretly working out a bailout plan with two banks, the Bitcoin network hit a record number of transactions per day.

It is the highest number of confirmed trades in its 14-year history, surpassing the previous record set during the 2017 bull market. The following day, May 1, First Republic Bank was placed under public control, after which JPMorgan Chase acquired its deposits and assets. It was the second largest bank failure in American history. ……read more.

Imagine the future built by AI and web3

Imagine a world where AI assistants manage your assets, coordinate appointments, and adjust your social media feeds to make sure you’re not offended. AI may also be trained to curate NFT art collections or assist with crypto-related tax filings. ……read more.

NFT, the ultimate destruction of the Hollywood status quo ── “Film 3” rises

“An Irish Goodbye” won the Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short Film this year. The work was done by FIrst Flights, a “Film3” company that makes movies through crowdfunding.

The film was produced before the company introduced NFTs, but the company is fully committed to Web3, as evidenced by its recent funding round for its upcoming short film. ……read more.

Tokenization of Real Assets (RWA) Progresses ──Traditional Financial Institutions’ Efforts Become Active

Among major financial service companies and major corporations, there is a growing movement to tokenize Real World Asset (RWA) using blockchain. Many in the blockchain industry are optimistic that the trend will accelerate further in 2023. ……read more.

6 projects to reduce the environmental impact of BTC mining

The environmental impact of Bitcoin (BTC) mining is once again a hot topic. A Texas bill restricting miners from participating in the electricity grid and a New York Times article criticizing the mining industry. ……read more.

Unlocking the Green Economy: Blockchain Transforms Climate-Friendly Investment Opportunities

As the need to combat climate change becomes more urgent, the search for innovative solutions that enhance sustainable growth and resilience has never been more important. ……read more.

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