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Cryptocurrency price data site CoinMarketCap has dived into the world of reality TV with a TV show called Killer Whales, inspired by the popular US TV show Shark Tank. to start.

Partnered with Web3’s entertainment company, Hello Labs, the new show will see entrepreneurs pitch their Web3 projects to a panel of judges made up of entrepreneurs, influencers and Web3 company founders. Hello Labs was founded by MTV VMA Awards producer Paul Caslin.

“Killer Whale is a fun and exciting show that brings the entrepreneurial energy of the Web3 space into homes around the world,” said Jonathan Isaac, chief marketing officer at CoinMarketCap, in a press release. .

You can apply through Hello Labs and CoinMarketCap, and if you pass the initial screening, you’ll have a few interviews in Hollywood. Filming on the show will begin in June and is slated to air on major streaming services and Hello Labs’ on-demand TV service.

“Our goal is to make people enjoy and learn about all things crypto, so we can reach out to the next billion users,” said Sander Gortjes, CEO of Hello Labs, in a statement. , opening the door to Web3.”

A number of TV shows about Web3 have emerged in recent months, highlighting the diverse use cases for blockchain technology and the growing interest in cryptocurrencies among mass media consumers. Dan Harmon, co-creator of the hit cartoon “Rick and Morty,” is launching an animated show called “Krapopolis” on Fox in 2023. The show launched its first collection of 10,420 Krap Chicken NFTs in August, allowing holders to vote on the show, access exclusive content and earn rewards. become able to.

Other existing NFT collections are exploring the use of intellectual property (IP) across media. The Web3 community NounsDAO has approved a proposal for a feature film and TV show. Meanwhile, colorful NFT collection Doodles recently acquired Emmy-nominated animation studio Golden Wolf and plans to expand the Doodles franchise through storytelling.

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|Original: ‘Shark Tank’ but Make It Crypto: CoinMarketCap Launching New Competition TV Show

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