The Justice & the Billionaire: Clarence Thomas Failed to Disclose Real Estate Deal with GOP Megadonor


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Calls continue to grow for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to step down or to be impeached, after ProPublica uncovered more damning information about his relationship with Republican megadonor Harlan Crow. According to the new report, Thomas and his family sold a house and two vacant lots in Savannah, Georgia, to Crow for around $130,000 but never disclosed the sale, which appears to be a violation of the 1978 Ethics in Government Act. In addition to being a major benefactor to Thomas and the GOP, Crow is also an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia, including a copy of Mein Kampf signed by Hitler, paintings by Hitler, Nazi medallions, swastika-embossed linens, and a garden filled with statues of 20th century dictators. We speak to Justin Elliott, a reporter for ProPublica who helped break the story.