MicroStrategy Allows Sending Bitcoins via Corporate Email


Email Address to Lightning Address

Michael Thaler, co-founder of US business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, announced on the 18th that the company has changed its email address to a “lightning address.”

With this change, it is now possible to send crypto assets (virtual currency) Bitcoin (BTC) via the Lightning Network by specifying Mr. Saylor’s email address ([email protected]) as the destination.

Lightning Address is a protocol that allows users to send bitcoins to wallet addresses in a format similar to traditional email addresses, and was developed to improve the usability of the Lightning Network.

What is the Lightning Network?

It is a Layer 2 off-chain technology developed to improve the transaction processing capacity of Bitcoin. It is expected that new products and services will be created because it will lead to faster transactions, reduced fees, and the possibility of small-value payments. A fast, low-cost payment network that aims to solve Bitcoin’s scalability problem.

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21 satoshi donation

Michael Thaler also reports that a quantity of 21 satoshis of bitcoin is being continuously sent to his Lightning address. Satoshi (Sats) is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, and 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 100 million Satoshi. 21 Satoshi is 0.00000021 BTC, which is about 0.03 yen at the current Bitcoin price.

Thaler’s donation to Bitcoin enthusiast Thaler shows that micropayments like this are possible with the Lightning Network. The number 21 is also believed to be related to Bitcoin’s maximum issuance limit of 21 million BTC.

MicroStrategy announced an additional purchase of 1,045 BTC on April 5, bringing its total Bitcoin holdings to 140,000 BTC (approximately 4 billion yen). This is equivalent to 0.66% of the issuance limit of 21 million BTC. The company has made repeated purchases so far, with an average Bitcoin acquisition price of $29,803.

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