Harbour Introduces the Future of Transparent Banking, Seamlessly Bridging Traditional Finance and Crypto


Harbour’s innovative platform is set to revolutionise the banking experience by offering transparency, security, and ease of use through a comprehensive financial ecosystem

LANCASTER, United Kingdom, April 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Harbour, an innovative Web3/fintech startup, has launched its groundbreaking crypto-native banking experience, aiming to redefine the future of banking with transparency, security, and a seamless connection between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies.

The mission of Harbour is to build the world’s most transparent banking experience that allows users to manage all their assets within a single, user-friendly app. The platform provides a one-stop solution for future finance, delivering frictionless on- and off-ramping and effortless financial management.

Harbour 1.0, set to launch this summer, will introduce a crypto-native checking account to seamlessly connect fiat and on-chain ecosystems. Key features of the platform include:

  • Full Reserve Fiat Account: A fully functional checking account for day-to-day finances.
  • Secure Crypto Wallets: Effortless holding, sending, and receiving of crypto assets, with the ability to connect existing self-custody wallets for streamlined asset management and transaction activity.
  • Seamless GBP:USDC Swaps: Instant and competitive-cost stablecoin swaps, facilitating faster and more affordable transactions between fiat and crypto.
  • USDC Account and Card: A complete checking account for stablecoins, along with a physical debit card for spending USDC in stores nationwide.
  • iOS and Android Compatibility: A free, feature-rich app available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Harbour’s commitment to transparency and safety ensures that all fiat and crypto funds are held in insolvency remote accounts, so users’ assets are never at risk. The platform aims to establish on-chain proof of solvency for both crypto and fiat assets, allowing users to independently verify their balances and transactions.

The launch of Harbour marks a new era in the financial sector, addressing the trust issues that have plagued traditional banking for centuries. By leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, Harbour is poised to deliver a truly open and accessible state of banking, providing a safe harbour for future finances.

For more information about Harbour and to sign up for early access, visit www.harbour.fi.

About Harbour:

Harbour is a pioneering Web3/fintech startup focused on creating the world’s most transparent banking experience. By seamlessly connecting traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, Harbour aims to revolutionise the banking industry and empower users with greater transparency, security, and control over their financial lives.

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Shane Ogley, [email protected]

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