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For months, traders have been debating whether the Ethereum (ETH) price will rise or fall due to a major upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain, known as Shanghai.

ETH price climbed above $2,000 after the upgrade, fueled by renewed enthusiasm that its success led to growth and rising investor interest. It rose in 4 out of the last 5 days, and on April 16, it recorded an 11-month high of $ 2,141 (around $ 2,093 around 10:30 on the 17th Japan time).

ETH is up 77% year-to-date as of this writing. It’s still not close to Bitcoin (BTC)’s 83%, but it’s fast approaching.

“Market pessimism about staking withdrawals has proven to be excessive,” said Sean Farrell, head of digital asset strategy at FundStrat.


Bitcoin: $30,325, +0.0%
Ethereum: $2,120, +1.3%
● CoinDesk Market Index (CMI): 1,324, +0.4%

● S&P500: 4,137.64, -0.2%
Gold: $2,015, +0.6%

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|Original: First Mover Asia: Ether Price Hits Fresh 11-Month High

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