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William Shatner is aiming for Web3 with Warp 9.

Mr. Shatner, the first captain of the popular sci-fi series “Star Trek” and who has been posting about crypto assets on Twitter for many years, announced the NFT collection “Infinite Connections” at “Consensus 2023”.

Infinite Connections consists of two collections.

“Cosmic Explorer” is a 2500 NFT collection that combines Shatner’s 3D avatar with artwork based on scientific themes like quantum physics. Includes a figure of Captain Kirk played by Mr. Shatner, an autograph and a quote.

“Timeless Voyager” is a 1000 NFT collection of 2D artworks depicting future technology and the universe. Figures are not included, but holders will be given the chance to participate in real events.

“NFTs are slowly becoming more artistic,” said Shatner. “Orange Comet’s NFTs are the most artistic I’ve ever seen.”

orange comet

Shatner partnered with Web3 entertainment company Orange Comet to create and launch the NFT collection. The company, which recently raised $7 million in a funding round, is backed by former NBA star Scottie Pippen, actor Anthony Hopkins, and the hit TV show Walking. I also work with Dead.

NFT is transitional

Orange Comet CEO Dave Broome, who also spoke at the conference, said, “Even at 92, Shatner is still inquisitive, capable of learning and embracing technology, and able to see what’s possible. “What we’re interested in is bringing the legend William Shatner and his millions of fans to Web3,” he said.

NFT is in transition. The days of mainstream hype and multi-million dollar sales are long gone, but celebrity NFT releases are making a remarkable comeback.

Last winter, the NFT collection launched by former President Trump sold out in just one day. The second collection, which was released in April, also sold out immediately.

Mr. Shatner, who has many fans, is clearly eyeing a similar opportunity. If the launch is successful, other crypto-native celebrities and curious celebrities may follow NFT releases.

Shatner’s NFT collection will go on sale at 3pm PST on the 27th, coinciding with his appearance on stage at Consensus 2023.

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