Major web browser “Microsoft Edge” tests virtual currency wallet


test cryptocurrency wallet

It was reported that IT major Microsoft is collaborating with Web3 developer ConsenSys for the purpose of implementing a crypto asset (virtual currency) wallet on the Windows web browser “Microsoft Edge”.

According to overseas tech media Bleeping Computer on the 17th, the self-custody wallet implementation plan has not been announced internally, and it is believed that users in the test environment (Microsoft Edge Dev Channel) can access it.

Images of Microsoft Edge testing a cryptocurrency wallet are also circulating on Twitter. The account Albacore, which claims to be a “detective,” tweeted multiple screenshots of the wallet. He told the overseas media outlet The Block, “We were conducting software research and reverse engineering (product analysis) on GitHub, which manages the source code.

In the screenshot Albacore posted, you can see the following statement:

As a tester, you have to use your own funds. Microsoft will not reimburse you for any losses, even if you lose funds. This is a confidential project and details must not be leaked outside.

Source: Albacore

This is a non-custodial wallet. You have complete control over your funds. No one can access your password or recovery key. The wallet is built into Edge, so it’s easy to use without installing extensions.

What is non-custodial

Non-custodial means managing the private key of the wallet by the user himself, not by a central management organization such as an exchange or service provider.

▶Cryptocurrency Glossary

Web browser and cryptocurrency wallet

Other screenshots showcase the ability to buy cryptocurrencies via Coinbase and Moonpay, as well as the ability to swap NFTs and cryptocurrencies. These interfaces are very similar to ConsenSys’ wallet Metamask.

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According to Bleeping Computer, Microsoft has partnered with major US blockchain developer ConsenSys to invest in Ethereum (ETH), Uniswap (UNI), stablecoins Dai (DAI), USDCoin (USDC), and Tether (USDT). We have a swap function that uses the basic settlement passage.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Bleeping Computer:

We regularly test new features to explore new experiences for our customers. We love learning from our customers and gathering feedback, but we have nothing more to share at this time.

Researcher Albacore explains to The Block as follows as a personal opinion based on Microsoft’s development status of cryptocurrency wallets.

(When asked about the possibility of Microsoft releasing a cryptocurrency wallet) I personally think so. Microsoft has a wide range of experimental projects in all areas, but when it comes to the publicly available software versions of existing products (such as this Edge), projects rarely go awry. The worst-case scenario for those products is that they are released, disappointing, and discontinued.

Source: Statcounter

According to statistics site Statcounter, Microsoft Edge is the second most popular desktop web browser after Goggle Chrome. As of March 23, the share of desktop browsers is 10.67% for Microsoft Edge and 66.59% for Chrome.

In February, Microsoft installed OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its own search engine “Bing”. It allows users to interactively search the Internet through AI-powered chat.

On the other hand, Goggle, a major US search engine, just announced on February 6 its development plan for interactive AI (artificial intelligence) language model “Bard”. “Microsoft Bing”, which leads in AI functions, is expected to regain its search market share (9% as of November 2022).

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Other web browsers Opera and Brave offer built-in cryptocurrency wallets. As for “Opera Crypto Browser”, it supports blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Celo, and BNB.

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