Weekly virtual currency news | Questions about Web3 to Prime Minister Kishida attract attention, net decrease in ETH supply, etc.


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We will deliver the news of the week (January 28th to February 3rd) together.

This week, Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Masaaki Taira asked Prime Minister Kishida a question about Web3, which was the most read news item.

Regarding the crypto asset (virtual currency) market, the January 30 report that summarizes the recent high price of Bitcoin (BTC) is attracting attention.

In addition, articles on Ethereum (ETH) supply and upgrades also attracted a lot of attention.

table of contents
  1. This week’s news ranking
  2. Market news ranking
  3. Virtual Currency/Blockchain Industry News

This week’s news ranking

1st place: Taira member “Why is web3 necessary for Japanese policy?” Prime Minister Kishida’s positive answer (2/2)

On the 1st, at the House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting, Taira asked Prime Minister Kishida about national issues in the digital field (the government’s web3 policy). Taira serves as chairman of the web3 project team of the Liberal Democratic Party Digital Society Promotion Headquarters. (the article ishere)

2nd place: Twitter introduces virtual currency payment function = news (1/31)

It turns out that Twitter, a major SNS platform, is developing software for the introduction of payment functions. Elon Musk says he wants to be able to add cryptocurrency functionality. (the article ishere)

3rd place: Virtual currency Ethereum, net decrease in supply in January (2/1)

Through January 2023, the net supply of Ethereum has decreased by 10,466 ETH. The number of burns (incineration) is increasing based on the increase in network usage, and it is exceeding the new issuance amount due to staking rewards. (the article ishere)

Market news ranking

1st place: Bitcoin latest high price update, FTM up 23.7% from the previous week (1/30)

Bitcoin rose 2.09% from the previous day to $23,637, hitting a new high. Among altcoins, Phantom (FTM) performed well, up 23.7% from the previous week and up 143% from the previous month. (the article ishere)

2nd place: Stocks and virtual currencies fall before FOMC, background of BTC premium surge in Nigeria (1/31)

Ahead of the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), selling spreads to the virtual currency market. On the other hand, on the 29th, there was a scene where bitcoin soared in Nigeria on the African continent. (the article ishere)

3rd place: Bitcoin rises to the $24,000 level due to FOMC favorable impression, Ethereum exceeds 5% compared to the previous day (2/2)

Bitcoin rose to the $24,000 level at one point due to favorable impression of FOMC. Ethereum also rallied, rising 5.3% from the previous day. (the article ishere)

Virtual Currency/Blockchain Industry News

Ethereum plans 3 test implementations of Shanghai upgrade (2/3)

Ethereum’s core developer group held a regular meeting on the 2nd. We discussed the schedule for testing the next upgrade “Shanghai”. (the article ishere)

Prime Minister Kishida expresses desire to revitalize local regions using digital technology such as Metaverse in response to Budget Committee (1/30)

On the 30th, Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Junichi Kanda asked a question about the Digital Garden City Nation Plan and the Japanese government’s “Web3 policy” at the House of Representatives Budget Committee. After working for the Bank of Japan’s Financial System Bureau, Kanda is well versed in the financial and IT industries, having served as an executive officer in the Financial Services Agency’s General Affairs and Planning Bureau and Money Forward, and is also focusing on regional revitalization efforts. (the article ishere)

Decentralized SNS “Damus” of “Twitter killer” is now available BTC tipping is also possible (2/2)

Decentralized SNS application “Damus” announced on the 1st that it became available on Apple’s “App Store”. You can even tip Bitcoin on Damus. (the article ishere)

TOEIC score, Toyota’s intellectual property management, blockchain introduction case accelerated by DX (1/31)

The International Business Communication Association (IIBC), which implements and manages the TOEIC test in Japan, announced on the 31st that it will introduce a digital official certificate that utilizes blockchain technology for TOEIC® Program public test scores. (the article ishere)

US OpenAI announces subscription plan for conversational AI language model “ChatGPT” (2/2)

US OpenAI announced on the 2nd that it will introduce a subscription plan for the AI ​​language model “ChatGPT”. Paid users are guaranteed peak usage and receive benefits such as faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements. (the article ishere)

U.S. District Court dismisses class action lawsuit against Coinbase Stock price soars (2/3)

The US District Court for the Southern District of New York has dismissed a class action lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The company’s stock price rose 24% after the lawsuit was dismissed. (the article ishere)

Can OpenSea’s stronghold be destroyed? What is the strategy of the NFT market “Blur” for professional traders? (2/2)

In Ethereum’s NFT (non-fungible token) economy, the market share of Blur, which is characterized as an NFT marketplace for professional traders, is growing rapidly. Blur is winning over traders with its zero fees and fast aggregation model, and is rivaling the market share of industry leader OpenSea. (the article ishere)

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