Taira member “Why is web3 necessary for Japanese policy?” Prime Minister Kishida’s positive answer


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Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Masaaki Taira asked Prime Minister Kishida about national issues in the digital field (the government’s web3 policy) at the House of Representatives Budget Committee on the 1st.

Taira serves as chairman of the web3 project team of the Liberal Democratic Party Digital Society Promotion Headquarters.

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Before getting into the main topic, Taira also gave an overview of web1 and web2.

Web1 is the world where the Internet has spread, and web2.0 is the world of platformers.

In web2, while the ability and convenience of individuals to send information has increased dramatically in the information society where smartphones and SNS have developed, capital and convenience have been provided to huge platformers such as so-called GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook: Meta, Amazon). There is also a disadvantage that added value tends to be concentrated.

That’s where blockchain and autonomous decentralized web3 came in.

Why does national policy need web3?

Taira pointed out the IP (intellectual property) layer of the content industry as one of Japan’s strengths that is well known to the world. He mentioned pop culture such as manga and anime, as well as gourmet and local tourism experiences.

The three web fields are compatible with the “Regional Revitalization Policy,” which aims to revitalize Japan as a whole, and the country’s “Cool Japan Strategy,” which connects content such as anime, manga, and games to the development of overseas demand for products and services. is also known to have a high

With these things in mind, Representative Taira stressed, “The way Japan is currently winning is to use web3 more and more. First, it is important to prepare the environment.” “That’s why we made various proposals at the Cabinet Office’s Tax Commission (Tax System Research Commission) at the end of last year, and received some responses (although they were still inadequate).”

In next year’s tax reform, some revisions were made to the crypto assets (virtual currency) corporate tax rules. This will greatly improve the situation for start-up companies that had no choice but to move overseas because the business itself would not be viable due to harsh taxation that does not match the actual situation.

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In Japan, the large-scale hacking incidents that occurred at the crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange Mt. Gox and Coincheck became a social problem, but the Financial Services Agency and the industry group JVCEA strengthened regulations and supervision, and established a system for user protection. As a result, it can now be said to be the “safest country in the world” for crypto asset (virtual currency) transactions.

Regarding this background, Taira said, “There is an opportunity for Japan to come full circle and take the lead in the world (in new industrial fields). Blockchain technology and web3 will be used to solve the various problems Japan faces.” I believe that the technology that has been developed is effective,” and asked the Prime Minister for his opinion.

Reply by Prime Minister Kishida

In response, Prime Minister Kishida said, “There are various possibilities for using web3. ’ said.

“NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can also be used to diversify the income of creators and maintain highly loyal fans.” It can be a useful tool.”, he gave a positive answer while actively using terms related to web3.

On the other hand, as a current issue, in the discussion at the web3 study group held last year at the Digital Agency, “Because it is a new technology, local governments and businesses are hesitant to use it due to concerns about its compatibility with existing systems. The case is assumed.”

He said, “It is important to proceed with the consolidation of issues for technology utilization. It is necessary to consider what kind of support should be provided based on discussions in the Liberal Democratic Party.”

From the perspective of competitiveness with other countries, Taira said, “When new technology emerges, it is necessary to develop regulations (regulations, etc.) quickly, and at the same time, we must carefully adjust the design of the tax system.” , and summarized, “I would like you to work on the three web fields as a national strategy.”

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