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Staking has received increasing attention in recent years, especially with the 2022 transition of the Ethereum blockchain from PoW to PoS. And a variety of companies offer staking services — picking 10 books to read on Sunday from columns and interviews published this week.

Kraken Suspends Staking Service – How Will SEC Settlement Affect Industry?

The SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) announced on February 9 that the staking service for U.S. customers of the crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange Kraken will provide unregistered securities. At the time, Kraken announced it would immediately stop offering the service and pay $30 million in a settlement.

This news raises many questions about how it will affect staking in the US. ……read more.

Facts Accurate: Letter From Popular NFT Founder Disclosing Heart Disease

It was a surreal few weeks. For those who don’t know, after a year of ignoring some pretty serious symptoms, I just got a phone call from a doctor diagnosing me with heart failure after extensive testing.

In general, I was also informed that the odds of surviving another five years were 50%. When I asked my doctor what I should do, he told me that in addition to needing to see the best cardiologist, I also needed to make a complete life change. …read more

Why Bitcoin Miners Should Take Ethereum Seriously

Maximalist doctrine does no good for anyone.

Much has been said about the impact (and its inevitable decline) of Bitcoin maximalists as a cultural force. But less has been said about how ideology drives financial markets, including how it affects institutional investors’ capital allocation decisions. …read more

Bitcoin, Is the ‘Golden Cross’ Important?

Many crypto investors are getting excited as Bitcoin (BTC) approaches the ‘Golden Cross’. A golden cross is when the short-term moving average (often 50 days) crosses above the long-term moving average (often 200 days).

The golden cross is a popular indicator often used by technical analysts and is considered a sign of a new emerging bull market. As a technical analyst myself, I definitely pay attention to the moving average crossings. …read more

NFTs: A Wide Range of Use Cases in the Real World

Sandwiched between the famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there’s a new hotspot that boasts exclusivity. The Dancing Seahorse Club, like other popular social clubs, offers members-only perks such as exclusive concerts and exclusive access to event spaces. …read more

AI Token Rising, But Needs Real Examples

JPMorgan Chase & Co., the largest US bank, reaffirmed what everyone already knew. In other words, AI (artificial intelligence) is the top trend in 2023.

In a survey of 835 institutional investors, about 53% cited “AI and machine learning” as the technology with the greatest potential to transform finance over the next three years. Blockchain, the technology that underpins Web3, came in third place, falling one place from last year, when the bank’s annual report “The e-Trading Edit” put AI and cryptocurrency in second place. …read more

Why Fed Rejects Crypto Banks With ‘100% Reserve Assets’?

The past few weeks have seen some news related to crypto assets (virtual currencies) and banking.

The still-to-be-launched Custodia Bank, founded by Caitlin Long, was rejected a few weeks ago by its application to join the Federal Reserve. …read more

Dedicated to LocalBitcoins: Lessons Learned to Keep Bitcoin in the “Public Good”

Popular peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchange LocalBitcoins announced on February 9 that it will suspend services for financial reasons. A big loss for the industry.

Founded in 2012 by Jeremias Kangas, the Finnish capital, Helsinki-based company has slowly fallen into disuse, but is still a vital part of Bitcoin’s (BTC) “circular economy.” was becoming …read more

Consider Bitcoin’s PER (price-earnings ratio)

Even as an analyst, I still have a lot to learn in crypto-assets (virtual currencies), a still-new asset class. I am particularly interested in connecting my experience in traditional finance (TradFi) with crypto assets.

I used to be an equity research analyst. Specializes in valuation (corporate valuation). I’ve always believed that doing the “right” evaluation is above all else, and I’ve been trying to find answers to two related questions: …read more

Bitcoin’s price movement is firm at the moment, will buying demand continue as interest rates rise?[bitbank chart analysis]

Bitcoin’s weekly chart fell 5.4% last week. It has been a negative line for two consecutive weeks, and the top price has been heavy since the beginning of February. After a strong January, with four weeks of gains in a row, the stock has been weighed down by short-term profit-taking this month. The weekly chart remains above the 2-month moving average (8EMA), but the weakness in short-term price movements is noticeable. It seems that it is having a hard time getting out of the 3.1 million yen resistance recorded last year. …read more

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