Ethereum Plans to Launch New Testnet “Holli” to Improve Testing Environment


Improved test environment

Ethereum (ETH) is planning to launch a new testnet called Holli.

According to Ethereum protocol supporter Tim Beiko, the use of testnets by app developers has increased rapidly over the past few years, creating a problem that users cannot get enough Ethereum for testnets. It is said that there is He plans to launch Holli this year, saying now is the right time to complete the major upgrade “The Merge.”

The testnet is mainly used by client developers, app developers, node operators and stakers. Beiko explained that each uses the testnet for different needs, and that there have been problems with the supply of ethereum for testnets in the past.

What is a client

An Ethereum client is software that implements the Ethereum specification and allows you to communicate over a P2P network. Multiple clients have been developed and are interoperable.

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The permissioned testnet “Sepolia” has had problems in the past. At that time, the issue was resolved by issuing an ERC-20 token in addition to the Ethereum “SepETH” for the testnet. By also using another token, they were able to issue SepETH efficiently.

On the other hand, Ethereum also operates a public (open) testnet “Goerli”. Goerli uses GoETH for its testnet, but the growing number of testnet participants has eroded the “reliability” of the distribution method, Beiko said.

Ethereum Launches Holli to Improve Ethereum Supply for Testnet and Improve Testing Environment

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Significance of the testnet

In order to solve the problem that it is difficult for testnet users to obtain the required amount of tokens, the project “LayerZero”, which develops a cross-chain protocol, announced on the 22nd a market where Ethereum for Goerli can be purchased.

It is a mechanism that allows you to purchase Ethereum for the testnet on the mainnet Ethereum, but it is said that the method of selling is criticized as hindering the freedom of the testnet.

At the beginning of the above tweet, Mr. Beiko said, “This week the testnet is being talked about again,” which may be influenced by the announcement of LayerZero.

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