Decentralized SNS “Damus” of “Twitter killer” is now available


Bitcoin tipping is also possible

Decentralized SNS application “Damus” announced on the 1st that it is now available on Apple’s “App Store”.

Damus is a social network similar to Twitter, also known as the “Twitter killer”. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has taken notice of Damus, and in December last year he offered bitcoin (BTC) at 14 BTC (at the current rate of Equivalent to 42 million yen)offer. The Damus launch is also attracting interest in the crypto asset (virtual currency) space.

Source: Damus

The above image is the screen of Damus on the official website. It seems that Apple devices are now compatible with iOS devices. It states that it is compatible with Mac, but when you actually open the App Store on Mac, at the time of writing this article, it says “not verified on macOS”.

Dorsey introduced the SNS application “Amethyst” on the Google Play store when he tweeted that Damus was available on the 1st. Amethyst also leverages nostr technology.

One of the reasons why Damus is attracting interest in the virtual currency area is that it can be tipped with Bitcoin. The official Damus website describes Bitcoin as “the native currency of the internet.” Dorsey has long referred to Bitcoin as the internet’s native currency.

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It is expected that the Lightning Network will be used when Bitcoin tipping is done with Damus.

Lightning network

A network that primarily supports the processing of the Bitcoin blockchain. Transactions are processed outside the main blockchain (= off-chain), and play a role in speeding up remittances and realizing cheap remittances.

Cryptocurrency Glossary

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Other features

The big difference between Damus and Twitter is that Damus is decentralized. So Damus gives users control over their data and posts, and is censorship-resistant.

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When creating an account, it is not necessary to register a phone number, email address, or real name. The official website explains that there is no single point of failure because messages are sent across a distributed network.

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