US bankruptcy-applied cryptocurrency exchange FTX releases “creditor matrix”


FTX Creditor Matrix

Information about creditors of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which filed for bankruptcy in November 2022, was released on the 25th.

The “creditor matrix” is 116 pages long and lists the names of companies and famous athletes and their addresses, but does not include the amount of credit or the background.

Bankruptcy filings last year reported that FTX had more than 100,000 total creditors and $10 billion to $50 billion in debt.

Also, in the filing dated November 19, FTX reported total liabilities to the top 50 creditors of more than $3 billion, but creditor details will not be disclosed until at least April 2023 due to privacy concerns. was made public.

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For that reason, people are very interested in FTX’s creditor information. However, the roster of the “creditor matrix” released by the Delaware court on the 25th does not seem to be all the operators who have invested in or financed FTX.

Dov Kleiner, partner at law firm Kleinberg Kaplan, told crypto media BlockWorks that the creditor matrix could include various parties.

This includes lenders, account holders and all other creditors, but could also include businesses, rental owners, etc. who have already made payments. Kleiner said the inclusion of a particular company name on the list has no special significance.

The concept of including potential creditors in order to advertise their claims as widely as possible. Debtors want everything resolved through the bankruptcy process, so they want to include everything they can.

A Goldman Sachs spokeswoman on the list confirmed in an email to BlockWorks that it is “not a creditor of FTX.”

This type of creditor matrix is ​​prepared by the debtor for the purpose of notifying interested parties in bankruptcy proceedings, and is therefore not necessarily evidence of creditor relationships.

“Being listed on the FTX creditor matrix does not mean that Goldman Sachs’ balance sheet has exposure to FTX,” Kleiner said. He added that the next focus is “when the parties start filing proofs of claim and then FTX estimates the claims.”

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Main company/organization name

The names of the companies, organizations and celebrities mentioned in the documents filed by Alvarez & Marsal North America, Financial Advisors to the Debtors (FTX) are: The names of the general users of FTX are not listed.

・Vendors, business partners
Amazon Web Services, Apple, Meta Platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, Netflix, Adobe, etc.
・Virtual currency operator
Coinbase, Binance Capital Management, Chainalysis, Yuga Labs, Doodles, BlockFi, Silvergate Bank, etc.
・News media
wall street journal, coin desk, benzinga
・Sponsor contract
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback (QB) Tom Brady, four-time tennis champion Naomi Osaka, music festival “Coachella Festival”
High-end restaurants and hotels, offices of the Bahamas Prime Minister and government agencies, US State Tax, US Consumer Affairs Agency, SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) and Attorney General

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