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Finney predicted the value of Bitcoin. Some of the world’s household wealth flowed into bitcoin, and he thought that 1 BTC would one day be worth $10 million, according to columns and interviews published this week. Carefully selected 10 books you want to read on Sunday.

14 Years After the First Bitcoin Transaction: Remembering Hal Finney

It’s been 14 years since the first Bitcoin (BTC) transaction took place. On January 12, 2009, Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto sent 10 BTC to renowned cryptographer and computer scientist Hal Finney. This pilot transaction took place before BTC had a price and was the precursor to many peer-to-peer remittances enabled by the world’s first cryptocurrency network.

Finney, who passed away in August 2014, was also the first person other than Satoshi Nakamoto to download and run Bitcoin software. …read more

Hated Cryptocurrency Terms — Mining Companies Change Names

In the past few years, adding crypto-related terms to the company name or promoting new initiatives related to crypto-assets was enough to draw attention to the company.

In 2017, “Long Island Iced Tea” changed its name to “Long Blockchain” and its stock price rose. The surest way to attract attention was to push the merits of crypto assets to the fore. …read more

A New Philosophy in the Market: Assets Embodying Technology

Recently, while listening to comments from people who are skeptical about crypto assets, “So you said it’s not worth it,” one thing became clear. In other words, I didn’t fully appreciate how the public’s perception of crypto assets had changed since the last time the price rose from a bear cycle.

During the last bear market, crypto assets were the new type of money, the global computer, the incentive for engagement, and the value of governance. …read more

Davos: Blockchain Shows Possibilities, Not Problems

Advertisement placed by the US circle near the station near the WEF venue (Nikhilesh De/CoinDesk)

Of the 500 or so companies participating in the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Switzerland (Davos), about half are tech companies and startups.

Each company set up a booth on the main street “Promenade” that runs through the center of the city. It showcases the latest products and services in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), robotics, 3D printing, and IoT. …read more

No new lessons learned from FTX bankruptcy

A new year has begun, and I know I don’t have to give crypto skeptics anything for the rest of the year.

Because, as an industry, we’ve already spent billions of dollars buying gifts that are truly priceless and never go out of style. Yes, the comforting sense of self-affirmation that the skeptics were always right. …read more

Did a 1930s president save Silvergate Bank?

Silvergate Bank was founded in San Diego in 1988 as a savings and loan union (S&L) that was all the rage at the time. It is now a “leading provider of innovative financial infrastructure solutions for the growing digital currency industry.”

According to its official website, Silvergate serves cryptocurrency companies, including more than 1,300 fintech firms, which tend to have difficulty maintaining relationships with banks. …read more

Crypto Marketing Needs Change – Hold Influencers Accountable

Millennials flocked to the Bahamas in 2017 for the Fyre Festival, which features top models like Kendall Jenner as billboards.

What happened next is well known to many. Local businesses were hit hard, meals were served with disastrous cheese sandwiches, and deceived attendees filed a class action lawsuit against organizers who spent their ticket dollars to live a lavish lifestyle. rice field. It has been the core of this uproar. It’s “influencer marketing”. …read more

The art world underestimates NFTs

“Is this art? They’re fascinating people, but they don’t deserve the title of ‘artists.’

It may sound like a discussion about NFTs in 2022, but it’s really a discussion about the art brut (outsider art) that is now in every museum’s collection in the 1940s. …read more

Token usage, growing awareness and expanding expectations What was said at “Digital Securities Forum 2022”[Event Report]

Panel discussion “Three Trust Banks Discuss the Co-creation and Future of the Digital Securities Market” (Nikkei Inc. N Brand Studio)

Digital securities (security tokens: ST) that use blockchain technology and STOs (security token offerings) that raise funds through them are attracting a lot of attention both in Japan and overseas. Various advantages such as ease of trading, cost reduction, high security, and small-lot transactions have been pointed out, and it is likely that individual investors will continue to permeate the market in the future.

An event “Digital Securities Forum” was held in Tokyo on December 21, 2022, where key domestic players discussed the current status and prospects of ST. …read more

[Event Report]Why are SMBC and HashPort collaborating on “Soulbound Tokens”?

The non-transferable NFT “Soul Bound Token (SBT)” is attracting worldwide attention these days. In December 2022, an event about SBT was held in Tokyo, titled “New innovation brought to Web3 by non-transferable NFT (SBT) – SMBC and HashPort open up the future”.

Mr. Hiroo Isowa, Managing Executive Officer of the SMBC Group, who announced a business alliance in the SBT business, and Mr. Yohiro Yoshida, Representative Director of HashPort, took the stage. They talked about the essential value of SBT and how to use it. The event was hosted by HashPort and coindesk JAPAN acted as a media partner. …read more

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|Image: CBDC-themed discussion at the Davos meeting (Sandali Handagama/CoinDesk)

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