Bitcoin Long Trades Pile Up While Surging DXY Index Haunts the BTC Price Rally


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The dominant crypto, Bitcoin has been trading within bearish captivity for nearly 15 to 20 days and hence was expected to break the trend very soon. In the past couple of days, the price has been trying to surge above the immediate resistance. However, the current trade set-up denotes that the bulls have stepped out as the bears mark their strong presence.

Investors Bullish on Bitcoin

While the upcoming trend of the BTC price has become pretty unpredictable, more traders are confident of the asset pulling a significant leg up. Hence the volume of long trades has recently outperformed the short trades on Binance futures.

The data above displays the volume of the long trades & short trades in the past week. Despite the shaky price trend, the investors placed their bets on Bitcoin long more than shorts. As of September 01, nearly 67.59% of trades on Futures are long while 32.41% are short. Therefore, the possibility of the BTC price surging above $21,000 emerges, which may be followed by a notable drop.

Strengthening of DXY Index – A Bearish Case for Bitcoin

Conversely, the DXY Index, which determines the strength of the US Dollar is coiling up. After a minor rejection from 20-year high levels at 109.99, the asset failed to continue to remain within bearish captivity. Hence the Index, since the early trading hours has been extremely bullish, flashing the signals of marking new highs very soon.


The DXY Index is expected to surge slowly yet steadily and may retest the upper resistance in the coming weekend. Further, it may again experience a rejection, which could be reversed in a very short time ahead. In such a case, the Bitcoin price may experience tougher times as the possibility of a significant dump may be imminent.

Considering both cases, it is quite prominent that the descending consolidation of the asset is expected to prevail for some more time. As September month is largely believed to be bearish, the Bitcoin(BTC) price may maintain a low-key trend for a long.