CoinLoan’s survey finds high customer satisfaction despite sluggish Industry growth


TALLINN , Aug. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A survey conducted by CoinLoan revealed that most investors remain optimistic about the future of the crypto market, despite recent market challenges.

This survey, sent out to all customers of CoinLoan, allowed users to rate their level of satisfaction with the company’s various services, including its lending system, interest accounts, security standards, and customer support.

Based on CoinLoan’s data, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • There is a 74% satisfaction rate with the company’s lending system.
  • CoinLoan’s interest accounts are rated 83% satisfactory by customers.
  • Security standards at CoinLoan are rated 92% satisfactory.
  • Customer support at CoinLoan is rated 78% satisfactory.

Moreover, when asked which aspect of CoinLoan’s lending they found most appealing, respondents chose nearly equally instant loan processing and the ability to repay loans using different assets – two features that set CoinLoan apart from its competitors.

Despite the market downturn, CoinLoan clients continue to place their trust in the company as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive feedback they have provided.

According to Alex Faliushin, CEO of CoinLoan: “We are always looking for ways in which we can improve the user experience of our customers, and these survey results are a fantastic indication that our hard work is paying off. Even as this industry suffers some growing pains, CoinLoan stands as an example of what sustainable growth in the right direction can look like.”

It is crucial for companies to be proactive in maintaining customer trust in the crypto sector as it develops and evolves. Investing in partnerships like these demonstrates CoinLoan’s commitment to customers and willingness to go the extra mile for them. Looking ahead, the company plans to expand its offerings and meet the needs of its clients.

About CoinLoan

CoinLoan is an EU-licensed crypto business that started as a project in 2017. Its platform offers Instant Loans against cryptoassets, Interest Account in crypto, and Crypto Exchange. These services are rendered both to individuals and corporate entities with the exceptions as required by the applicable laws. We provide our clients with the highest security standards and insurance

on assets, allowing both corporate and private customers to benefit from the highest levels of protection.

Its highly-competitive loan and APY rates, transparent pricing, and 24/7 human customer support service have resulted in high customer retention and satisfaction. CoinLoan’s platform allows swapping and managing a comprehensive and growing range of cryptocurrencies, including its native token and fiat currencies.

The company is focused on continuous innovation through state-of-the-art technology and partnerships, bringing customers constant improvements and possibilities within the crypto world.

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