VanEck partners with Investo to launch crypto ETF in Brazil


VanEck and Investo, a Brazilian asset manager, have launched a new crypto-focused Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in Brazil called BLOK11, Invezz learned from a press release. The ETF will aim to track the MVSCBR performance (Crypto Compare Smart Contract Leaders Brazil Index), giving exposure to the most liquid and biggest smart contract assets in the world.

Instant, permissionless value transfer

These assets are based on open-source blockchain software protocols, which enable instant, permissionless global value transfer 24/7. The index reflects trading parameters in Brazil.

VanEck’s latest expansion

The ETF is part of the most recent expansion of VanEck’s Brazilian product lineup, coming right after the launch of four ETF BDRs in the middle of March. Jan van Eck, CEO of VanEck, said:

We’re excited that these new funds are available in Brazil, offering investors who see new ways to add differentiated and targeted exposure to the world of digital assets some quite compelling solutions.

Cauê Mançanares, CEO of Investo, added:

Our time of rapid technology development compels us to stay current on the new applications using bleeding-edge technology worldwide. Investo is proud to be part of this evolution by bringing BLOK11 to market. This ETF presents a smart yet simple way to invest in the smart contracts sector in a diversified manner.

Providing exposure to the biggest assets worldwide

The latest development is also part of VanEck’s ongoing effort to give exposure to digital assets to investors in leading markets all over the globe. In January, VanEck’s European branch brought an Exchange Traded Note (ETN) to German and Swiss exchanges.

It enables people to invest in a select group of the biggest cryptocurrencies with the greatest liquidity, such as Ethereum (ETH/USD), Bitcoin (BTC/USD), and Solana (SOL/USD). Currently, the firm offers European investors notes that give exposure to the spot prices of Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, and other leading crypto assets.

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