Solana outage: what we know so far


Nowadays, Solana seems to be accustomed to outages and it is currently down following an outage. Following the outage, the production of new blocks on the network has since ceased for the past five hours.

At the time of writing, there was a total shutdown of all of Solana’s applications since validators are not processing any new blocks.

A recent Twitter post from Solana has said that the mainnet beta of the network now needs a restart from validators. Discussion towards a possible restart is currently ongoing in the validator Discord chat following the tweet.

Restarting the network

Validators seem they will be coming to Solana’s rescue more often than not since they are finding themselves being called upon to restart the network every time the network goes down. In last month’s outage, the validators had to restart the network after seven hours of total blackout.

Solana has released instructions for its validators on what to do for the restart and it includes taking a snapshot of the specific time slot when the network is rebooted.

The recent outages have greatly tinted Solana’s reputation especially since it touts itself as a high-performance blockchain.

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