Wirex partners with Visa to offer payment and crypto services in the US

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Wirex, a leading cryptocurrency platform, has secured over 150,000 registrations to its crypto app that launched in the US just over a month ago. The platform will link to a crypto-backed Visa card to provide a unique set of payment and crypto services, Invezz learned from a press release.

Wirex introduced one of the first crypto-enabled debit cards

In 2015, Wirex introduced one of the first crypto-enabled debit cards in the world, letting consumers spend crypto in their everyday lives. After that, they developed Cryptoback™, a reward program which allows users to earn up to 8% in points for any purchases made.

A single intuitive app

Wirex’s US product, created in partnership with Visa, will offer users the ability to buy, sell, hold, and exchange 37 cryptocurrencies as well as US dollars from a single user-friendly app.

Features include free domestic and international ATM withdrawals, the ability to seamlessly send and receive crypto from external wallets, no annual fee or exchange fees, live transaction notifications, and near instant crypto transactions with immediate free top up of debit cards.

Principal Visa membership in Europe

In 2020, Wirex became the second crypto-native company in the world to gain principal membership of Visa in Europe. The company is proud to upholding the highest license and regulatory standards, has invested in safety and security, and uses resilient, sophisticated technology such as Visa Secure.

Harold Montgomery, Managing Director of Wirex USA, commented:

We’re delighted to tap into Visa’s expertise and global network to bring our award-winning app and card to millions of US customers. Regardless of age, background or experience, we’re endeavouring to enable mainstream users to take advantage of the benefits of crypto in the everyday. Research shows that Americans are demanding easy-to-use, affordable and safe crypto products, and Wirex’s successful launch in the US is already helping to meet these needs.

AJ Shanley, VP of Visa Crypto, added:

We want to serve as the bridge between the crypto ecosystem and our global network of merchants and financial institutions. We’re excited to work with innovative platforms like Wirex, to make it easy and seamless for consumers to spend from a crypto balance – anywhere Visa is accepted.

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