Rare Handmade Cheeky Kyser NFTs Coming to the Market Soon


    The pieces capture famous film names of the last century

    By TokenMinds Team:

    Cheeky Kyser™ is set to release its handmade NFTs to the blockchain world. The pieces with suggestive and straightforward designs describe the most prominent films of the last century. The Cheeky Kyser digital collectibles are super unique, and audiences will not find similar artworks in the market. In the past, the crypto community has encountered some similar NFT projects, which did not offer truly unique pieces. So, Cheeky Kyser NFTs’ introduction marks a departure from the norm.

    Cheeky Kyser NFTs are the first edition globally, and people interested in them should purchase them. The team believes that scarce items are valuable, and buying them is the best method of appreciating that value. However, Cheeky Kyser™ will offer 1 and only 1 Cheeky Kyser from Silver Edition to the 1st place winner of their airdrop. The winner will be able to pick any Silver card they want. This is a unique one-time offer that the creator doesn’t intend to repeat. The offer is one of its kind as most airdrop campaigns don’t let winners choose what NFTs they want to receive. However, Cheeky Kyser™ will let them choose their favorite digital card.

    This NFT project is the first one from CryptoKyser which is publicly available, and here’s what he thinks about NFTs:

    “Beyond all speculation, NFTs are a chance, a chance to get acquainted with art and quickly obtain unique and authentic works.”

    Cheeky Kyser™ created these NFTs for various reasons, including:

    • To celebrate multiple films that have changed the past and present moments,
    • To deliver handmade and unique series to the NFT space,
    • To emphasize the minimalist artistic qualities that many artists love,
    • To use part of the proceeds to educate the blockchain population about this technology and, this way, accelerate its expansion.

    Cheeky Kyser Editions

    The Cheeky Kyser NFTs will be an exciting collection for true cinema lovers and artists. There are 52 movies represented and a total of 468 NFTs that will be on  OpenSea  for sale from late February 2022. There are four main editions on the market, including Original, Silver, Gold, and Extra.

    • The Original edition: This is the first version with five copies for each of the 52 Cheeky Kysers. So, there are 260 Cheeky Kyser models in the Original edition.
    • Silver edition: The Silver edition is scarcer than the original version and has only 3 copies of each Cheeky Kyser. Every copy has a number and is distinctive. For this edition, buyers will have 156 copies in the marketplace.
    • Gold edition: This is the most peculiar of the Cheeky Kyser editions, and only one copy exists for each Cheeky Kyser. This means that only 52 Cheeky NFTs are on sale under the Gold edition.
    • Extra edition: This comprises the scarcest Cheeky Kyser models that will go on sale in the coming months.

    Each copy of Cheeky Kyser captures a moment, memory or emotion. The novelty of this NFT project is that it represents art that straightforwardly captures complicated scenes but with an intriguing style. Because Cheeky Kyser models are hand-drawn, each person will get a Cheeky Kyser NFT that meets their artistic needs.

    In addition to the various qualities that define the uniqueness of these cards, each has its specific skills, including love, strength, humor, murder, and intelligence. These attributes deliver an exciting perspective that won’t fail to captivate anyone. The team is also planning to use them in future games and projects involving Cheeky Kyser cards.

    The community members should anticipate the sale announcement soon. For now, join social media platforms for updates and participate in the airdrop!

    Cheeky Kyser Challenge

    Besides investing in the Cheeky Kyser NFTs, fans can also use these digital artworks to participate in the Cheeky Kyser Challenge. The challenge offers additional excitement when interacting with these NFTs.

    The first challenge is known as Mini Cheeky Challenge. In this game, a player tries to find 15 hidden films just for fun.

    In the main Cheeky Kyser Challenge, players are supposed to try and find 52 hidden films. The maximum prize for this game is 15,000 BUSD. All participants must follow @CryptoKyser and @cheekykyser on Twitter and @cheekykyser on Instagram to confirm their results.


    In the Cheeky Kyser airdrop, the winner in the 1st place will get a unique chance to receive a Silver Cheeky Kyser NFT for free—and choose whichever they like. The rest of the winners will receive USDT for completing simple promotional tasks. You can enroll in the airdrop on Cheeky Kyser website.

    For important updates on the Cheeky Kyser project, please join the community on the following platforms:

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/cheekykyser

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheekykyser/

    Discord: https://discord.com/invite/XaQhwXjJPU

    Email: [email protected]

    Facebook: https://facebook.com/cheekykyser

    Website: https://www.cheekykyser.com/home



    Mini Cheeky Kyser Challenge: https://www.cheekykyser.com/ck-challenge-en-mini

    The Cheeky Kyser Challenge: https://www.cheekykyser.com/ck-challenge-en-main