You can now deposit for a condor using Bitcoin (BTC)


Miami-based real estate firm W11EVEN Hotel & Residence said it has started accepting Bitcoin deposits as payment for its condos. According to the company’s Co-founder, Marc Roberts, it will be the first in the industry to start accepting crypto deposits.

Roberts also added that the company’s enthusiasm for crypto has been on a very high level, especially after the recently held Bitcoin conference in Miami. The organizers noted that about 50,000 people attended the conference to discuss the rapid growth of Bitcoin and its potential future. Roberts added that “those that don’t embrace this will be left behind.”

According to him, the whole movement points towards more crypto deposits in real estate, and the company is happy to be leading the way, he noted.

Impressive response

Roberts stated that there has been an impressive response so far following the firm’s announcement to accept crypto payments. He also stated that the company has already received its first crypto deposit.

E11EVEN stated that the firm will be receiving its second crypto deposit next month, and Roberts predicted that it will be a down payment of about 15% of the property’s total sale price.

The company provides luxurious high-rise residents in the Park West district in Miami, with prices starting at $377,400, according to the real estate agent. The building has a penthouse, which is expected to fetch about $10 million.

One of the firm’s best decisions

Roberts also says the company took one of the best decisions to support cryptocurrency payments.

E11EVEN may not be the first real estate firm to start accepting cryptocurrencies. Last month, it was reported that the Arte Surfside luxury apartments in Miami, Ivanka Trump’s home, started accepting crypto payments such as Bitcoin (BTC/USD) and Ethereum (ETH/USD).

Also, in the same month, a real estate firm in Portugal allowed investors to buy luxury apartments using Dogecoin.

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