Ray Dalio warns we could be “on the brink of a civil war”

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While Biden’s inaugural address and call for unity strives for a non-violent path forward that will benefit all Americans, the US is still suffering from the coronavirus pandemic and economic fallout, income inequality, political divides and massive government debt and Ray believes that if these factors are not properly addressed the country could be on the brink of a civil war, which he has been predicting for a while in his Changing World Order study that he has been releasing in installments on LinkedIn. The installments, which look at what causes world powers to rise and fall, can be found here.

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The Path Forward For The U.S.

Back in February, I said I wanted a president who could “bring together our country to face our challenges in a more united and less divisive way.” I wanted someone who would unite people – i.e. who does not view themselves as the leader of the winning side imposing policies the other side would find intolerable. I believe we are on the brink of a terrible civil war (as I described in The Changing World Order series), where we are at an inflection point between entering a type of hell of fighting or pulling back to work together for peace and prosperity that addresses the big wealth, values, and opportunity gaps we’re now seeing.

For that reason I was thrilled to hear what President Biden said at his inauguration. It is consistent with the direction history has shown the country needs to move in. Now the question is whether the president and both parties will bring that about. Good words and spirit aren’t enough. People will have to agree on both how to grow the pie and how to divide it well. That will require revolutionary change. Doing it peacefully requires both bipartisanship and skill. It won’t be easy. Our country is still in a terrible financial state and terribly divided. I will monitor how those good intentions are turning into good actions and keep you posted.

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