Perks of Gambling with Bitcoin

If you are thinking about starting to gamble using Bitcoin, you are not alone. More and more casino players who used to gamble using conventional payment methods are turning to the popular cryptocurrency because of the many advantages it has over regular fiat currencies.

You might think that your credit card transactions were secure, but you have obviously never gambled using Bitcoin, the safest payment method out there, when used right. Let’s look at the main reasons why gambling with Bitcoin is better than gambling with conventional banking options.

Great at Protecting Your Identity

Bitcoin transactions can be as close to anonymous as a payment method can allow you. Most people who are not so well-versed in Bitcoin think that Bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous.

However, that’s not the case. All Bitcoin transactions are stored on the blockchain network. Seeing how the network is public, anyone can view the balance, as well as the transactions of a given Bitcoin address.

But this is where adopting good practices can indeed make a Bitcoin transaction very close to anonymous.

All Bitcoin experts recommend that you only use a Bitcoin address once.

The identity of the user making the transaction is revealed when the purchase or deposit is made. However, if you always deposit using a different address, then people with bad intentions can’t invade your privacy.

If you use a reliable Bitcoin wallet and adopt these good practices, you can rest assured that your private information will remain just that, private.

Safe and Secure

Bitcoin, as most other cryptocurrencies is a safe and reliable payment method to use at an online casino. In fact, if you are careful when it comes to securing your wallet and choosing a reliable casino, you can rest assured that your Bitcoin will enjoy better levels of protection than those offered at Fort Knox.

The blockchain network operates on principles that use sophisticated math and algorithms that hackers can never manipulate. Each blockchain transaction is verified using a private and public key. If anyone tries to change the transaction data, the signature will be invalid, the transaction won’t be accepted in the chain, and hackers won’t be able to take your Bitcoins.

Therefore, all you need to do to be sure that your digital coins will be safe is to find a reputable Bitcoin wallet. The blockchain system is close to impenetrable but if you choose an inferior Bitcoin wallet then you are not using Bitcoin correctly and are exposing yourself and your funds to danger.

Similarly, your transactions to and from the casino might be 100 per cent secure. However, if you choose a fraudulent crypto casino, then you are exposing yourself to a completely different risk that has nothing to do with the blockchain network or Bitcoin. A crooked crypto casino can wait for your Bitcoin deposit to arrive into your casino account and then defraud you of your crypto that is now in the form of gambling funds. Even if you use the most advanced security protocols in the world, choosing a deceitful crypto casino can undo all the good work you did leading up to that.

To prevent this from happening to you, always inform yourself about the track-record a casino has. Checking the casino reviews of experts specializing in crypto gambling can go a long way in this regard.

Provably Fair Games

Reading crypto casino reviews can help you in another segment of online gambling. As you may have heard by now, top-quality crypto casinos can offer provably fair games in addition to regular casino games.

Provably fair games are casino products in which players can check the outcome of the games they participate in and see for themselves whether all outcomes are fair or if someone has tampered with them. This means that neither players nor casino operators can cheat.

And this is where checking the reviews experts have compiled can help you quite a lot. For instance, reading the reviews of bitcoin gambling sites by Gamblerguy can tell you which online casinos offer provably fair games and which ones don’t.

In addition, well-researched casino reviews can also help you find out which casinos offer regular casino games that are fair too.

Reputable and reliable casinos only feature games that come with a Random Number Generator (RNG) technology. This technology ensures that all outcomes in a game are random, and, in turn, a game is completely fair to play.

This means that both provably fair and RNG games produce random and fair outcomes you can trust. All you need to do is find quality casinos that offer them.




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