How Quickly Musk Took Over Bezos As Richest Person

Musk Bezos Wealthiness

Although Elon Musk is now the world’s richest person, for years he was way off earning more dough than Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, and a number of his affluent peers. So just how quickly did Musk surpassed Bezos’s wealthiness?

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Research by Uswitch reveals just how quickly Musk surpassed Bezos’s wealthiness, as his net worth has now crossed $185bn (£136bn). You can see exactly when Musk surpassed the top spot in a graphic created by Uswitch, below.

How Quickly Did Musk Surpassed Bezos’s Wealthiness

  • 2019: Musk was a whopping 147% away from being richer than Jeff Bezos, having an average net worth of $19,900,000,000 vs $131,000,000,000
  • 2020: Musk’s wealth increased to $129,800,000,000, but it still meant he was 35% off compared to Bezos’s $185,900,000,000
  • 2021: Musk is now finally 5.2% richer than the previous billionaire, who had held the top spot since 2017 ($195,000,000,000 vs $185,000,000,000)

Mr Musk’s electric car company Tesla has hit a market value of $700bn (£516bn) for the first time, and you can see just how popular Tesla cars are around the world here on this map, showing the most sold electric cars per country.

Methodology: Methodology: We’ve taken the Forbes list of real-time billionaires and analysed their net worth from March 2016 through to 2021. Figures were pulled from March of each year but for 2020 we took the latest figures showing their real-time net worth. 2021 figures were pulled 8th January 2021.

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