Cardano (ADA) to roll out Ethereum Devnet virtual machine

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Developers of the Cardano Network, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) have announced that the much anticipated K Ethereum Virtual Machine (KEVM) will go live.

According to the announcement, the Devnet will enable developers to implement Ethereum-based apps on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain. The Chief Executive Officer of IOHK Charles Hoskinson announced the launch and intending benefits to users on Twitter.

The Devnet was initially announced two weeks ago during the company’s monthly product update.

It will utilize an edition of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and will be verified by the K framework for developing formerly previously verified software.

Deploying Solidity smart contracts

The announcement also revealed that the launch will make it possible to deploy Solidity smart contracts on the Cardano platform. Solidity is a popular programming language that comes in handy when writing smart contracts. Cardano says developers and users will soon be able to use it on the Cardano blockchain.

The launch will make the Cardano network available to the Solidity/Ethereum community through an interoperable and compatible platform with native nodes. As a result, the Cardano network will be expanding its reach by allowing Solidity developers to write smart contracts on the blockchain.

The system will allow developers to create reliable codes

In preparation for the new accessibility, Cardano developers are now restarting and accelerating their KEVM network program.

The K network will allow developers to implement or define the semantics of a programming language in a modular and intuitive way. Cardano also assured developers that the platform will be fast and strong enough to run smart contracts and real programs.

The system is meant to help developers create codes that are reliable and secure from the beginning.

After the program goes live, it will integrate Solidity into Cardano’s blockchain, which will enable developers to work smoothly across both frameworks.

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