7 Hacks To Earn Free Bitcoins

Bitcoins are the cryptocurrency found a decade ago. It has been found as a good way to earn money through trading them. There are various online platforms and apps like bitcoin champion assisting the trading process and making people enjoy some amazing profit. But that is until after you have deposited a certain amount in their accounts to be able to register and start the trading process.However, many people question whether there is any way to earn these bitcoins for free? And the answer to that is, yes! In this post, you will get to know some hacks that can let you earn the bitcoins for free.

Gamble or scams.

Yes to start many sites may give you the offer to earn some free coins and you might just be able to but mostly these are scams which means you may lose your own money. Another one is gambling. Somewhere in the world gambling is legal and there are gambling sites that allow you to bet on bitcoins as well in addition to other currencies. So it is how you can earn your free bitcoin. But you must win to do so.

Bitcoin faucets.

Sometimes on websites, there comes a feature i.e. the faucet that gives you free bitcoins as awards or something. Usually, these are very small amounts but anyways, you get the free coins. The faucets are to attract and engage customers and are part of the promotion strategy of the website.


Play games.

On some sites, they ask you to play certain games and complete a given number of levels to be able to earn free bitcoins at the end. This is also like advertisements and makes you play the games continuously making them lots of money in return for very few bitcoins. The amount of bitcoins is very small but if you have ample time and love to play games then why not?

Crypto Browser.

This new internet browser called the crypto browser is an amazing opportunity for you to earn bitcoins while just surfing the internet. How easy! All you have to do is download the crypto browser and use it to surf the internet just like you do normally but with an additional feature- earning free bitcoins for doing nothing. The crypto browser is fast and very convenient to use.

Affiliate links.

Another way to get free bitcoins is very interesting. The affiliate links on websites that lead to different programs or courses. All you have to do is sign up for such programs that may appear as ads on websites. Taking up such courses will help you earn some amount of bitcoins in return for learning a new skill. How cool!

Make it a payment method

You may be doing some job online and you get your salary wired to your account. But make a little twist. Get your payment in bitcoins replacing your normal currency? This would be very exciting as you do not have to do any extra work, in fact for the same services you are providing, you get paid in bitcoins. Now you can have the cryptocurrency you always wished to have and use it as a mode of payment further on to buy anything.

The right time to invest.

Now this one is not entirely free. You have to buy some bitcoins initially to make some more in the future and earn some profit. But the key here is to invest when the prices are very low. They may be low now but reports tell us how bitcoins are the future money. It is bound to increase anytime soon. So look for the right time to buy the bitcoins and let them grow in number and worth both.


Now that we have looked into some hacks into earning bitcoins for free or at the lowest cost, make sure to use them as required. Bitcoins are the future to look out for. You can use a few hacks together and make a perfect combination to enjoy the bitcoins that are so light in your pocket.

7 hacks to earn free bitcoins