Cryptocurrency Prodigy, Joseph “PlugWalkJoe” O’Connor, is Helping People Everywhere Master Crypto

Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — We at Ascend Agency are going to cover about Joseph “PlugWalkJoe” O’Connor, a cryptocurrency expert, advisor, and forecaster who has mastered the world of cryptocurrency trading, wants people everywhere who are intimidated by crypto to understand that this digital currency is the currency of the future.

Having created a universal money-exchange system based on blockchain with a public ledger, cryptocurrency is so new to the world, that many people fail to understand it’s the most valuable investment they can be making today.

“The entire cryptocurrency market is worth $267 billion, paying testament to the investment value of this kind of currency,” said O’Connor. “I’ve explored the ups and downs, and the volatility of these markets. I am passionate about sharing what I have learned with as many people as possible so they are pepared for the future of currency.”

O’Connor describes himself as a blockchain enthusiast and digital entrepreneur. He has made $50,000 from selling configurations to date, as well as endured the blockchain plummet of November 2018 when the value of blockchain dropped one-third in just weeks. During those times, O’Connor lost $20,000 in just one week, teaching him everything he needed to know to become an investment advisor.

Today, O’Connor is providing his cryptocurrency investment advising services to all of those interested in getting started.

“There were of course some scary moments being part of the first wave of cryptocurrency, but I believe these experiences have uniquely positioned me to help others get started today,” said O’Connor. “This kind of technology is poised to change the entire world, from banking and data collection, to market predictions and forecasting. I implore everyone to get involved starting today.”

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