FM LLC acquires and rebrands to

The acquisition was almost simultaneous with the rebranding of the website, which is part of FM LLC’s campaign to divert the financial industry as far away from binary options as possible.

According to the marketing representative of FM LLC, also known as Finance Makers, the taint of binary options is still quite noticeable for many financial companies and institutions. The main designation for is to guide those still currently involved with binary options in a way that ensures their safety and security if they do indeed decide to continue trading such a risky asset.

Based on the already existing content, is going to solely target the overview of financial companies such as forex brokers as well the provision of important information about binary options for those still involved with them. The provision of financial regulatory information of almost every country in the world as well as helpful information for beginning forex traders.

What does the acquisition promise?

FM LLC has promised that any and all content for this website will be in direct accordance with international guidelines in regard to the distribution of financial information and education.

All the information provided on the website will be written, edited, and fact-checked by industry professionals in order to ensure absolute accuracy, transparency, and reliability.

FM LLC has also specified that there is no designated target market for Any and all kinds of visitors are welcome to the website if they are looking for financial information, reviews of financial service providers as well as some market news eventually.


The ForexBrokersList Academy is designed and modeled after education centers from multiple financial regulators and institutions. It targets all the hot topics and frequently asked questions from both Forex and binary options traders.

Instead of completely abandoning the idea of binary options, FM LLC correctly deduced that no matter the number of restrictions and laws burdening this trading strategy, there will still be traders interested in it.

Therefore, the company took it upon itself to provide clear and easy-to-understand information regarding the asset. This information aims to provide traders with the necessary information as well as warnings about the volatility, danger, and risk associated with binary options. The academy is designed to provide transparent information on both strategies, realistic returns on investment and success stories, and tips from traders.

FM LLC has promised future viewers more detailed information about country-specific guidelines and financial trading regulations, as well as an expansion of the current company-review page in order to cover as much of the market as possible. This ensures that clean and transparent information reaches traders before a potentially fraudulent company could take advantage of the information vacuum.

Disclaimer: Binary options trading on margin involves high risk, and is not suitable for all investors.