Top 5 reasons to bet with Ethereum

Ethereum Gambling is a relatively new concept that revolves around the titular cryptocurrency. After the popularization of Bitcoin, Ether has quickly become the number 2 cryptocurrency in the world by bringing all the benefits of BTC and adding some of its own to the mix. The biggest advantage of Ethereum is the smart contract technology that allows users to deal directly with any business without the intermediaries. Considering all the advantages, it’s easy to understand why Ethereum Casinos have become so popular in the recent years.

Blistering Speed of transactions of Ethereum Casinos

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of ETH Casinos is the ability to process both Deposits and withdrawals in a minimal amount of time. Compared to the classic online casinos where transactions take days because of the bank transfers, here both deposits and withdrawals are made within a matter of minutes.

Security of Ethereum Casino

Because of the blockchain technology that Ethereum is based on, ETH Casinos provide an impenetrable layer of heightened security. No criminal or hacker in the world will be able to access your information or account, because the blockchain system is always decentralized and almost impossible to breach.

Privacy and Anonymity of ETH Casinos

Another huge advantage of ETH Casinos over the competition is the fact that every player stays completely hidden from any unwanted third-party attention. When playing on Ethereum Casino, gamblers remain totally anonymous and keep their information fully private, because those websites never require any personal information to play. No governmental, financial or institutional organization will ever be able to trace the players on ETH Casino.

Provably Fair Games of Ethereum Casino

A huge advantage of Ethereum Casinos is the ability to employ the provably fair system into their games. With Provably Fair, the games become absolutely transparent, eliminating any possibilities of the casino being fraudulent. Basically, the Ethereum Casino can’t see the bet of the gambler before the play is finalized. With this technology, no player will ever have to worry about how trustworthy the ETH Casino is.

Lowest House Edge Characteristics

Last but not the least is the advantage of having a low House Edge that Ethereum Casinos predominantly employ into their games. The lower the percentage, the more chances of winning there are for the players. A great example of such websites is the hugely popular FortuneJack, which offers under 1% House Edge on all of their Provably Fair Games.