Markets Pilot – The revolution on Crypto trading have started


Company Overview

Markets Pilot is the one-stop trading place for any asset in the world of cryptocurrencies. Owned by Click World Ltd, this is a reputable cryptocurrency trading brand, aiming to help traders all around the globe to begin a new career in online finances using the most professional and easy-to-learn platform.

The main differentiating factors in comparison with other trading brands have mainly to do with the proprietary trading software as well as with the broad coverage of cryptocurrencies.

At the time of writing, Markets Pilot covers tens of different cryptocurrencies, both very popular and smaller altcoins. With competitive trading conditions, the company wants to be the top choice for traders focused on the innovative cryptocurrency market. Its entire offer is built with a special focus on meeting the challenges of the cryptocurrency market.

Given the attention it gave to the cryptocurrency-oriented offer, Markets Pilot is currently among the top choices for traders all around the world. Except for residents from the United States of America, any individual can open a trading account with the broker and benefit from all its features.

MarketsPilot Trading Platform

What makes Markets Pilot highly competitive is SIRIX, a proprietary trading software tailored towards the cryptocurrency market specifications. Available in four different versions (Web, Android, iOS, and Desktop), SIRIX is flexible trading software, incorporating all the popular trading tools, and some proprietary features on top of that.

Since it can be used from any device, this means traders will be in close touch with the market performance 24/7, no matter their location, as long as they have access to the internet.

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Fully aware not all clients will be familiar with cryptocurrency trading, Markets Pilot designed a friendly user interface, making SIRIX easy-to-use even for newbies. It features advanced charting capabilities, incorporating all the popular technical indicators used by traders day and day out. Drawing tools, multiple chart types, and time frames are also available.

The main feature of SIRIX is social trading. Already integrated into the platform, the social stream shows in real-time the latest trades placed by professional traders. Clients working with Markets Pilot will be able to see the top-ranked trading, based on their P/L and the number of copiers.

Since the cryptocurrency market is volatile and requires a lot of attention, the MarketsPilot SIRIX Mobile version is designed to keep clients in touch with the markets at any point, from their smartphone/Android tablet.

This is a powerful crypto social trading platform directly to traders’ fingerprints. It provides instant account access anywhere with a simple login. Tracking P/L, margin, and both open/closed positions are possible with it. Traders will stay up to date with real-time market data and will benefit from advanced charting tools simplifying analysis and order creation.

SIRIX is already benefiting from positive feedbacks of traders around the world, proving Markets Pilot did a good job in developing a proprietary platform, instead of relying on an existing one.

Trading Offer

Although SIRIX is the main trading benefit provided by Markets Pilot, the trading offer designed by the company comes with a broader set of features. Clients wanting to work with this brand will be able to choose from a wide range of account types:

  • Student account
  • Advanced account
  • Semi-managed account
  • Fully managed account
  • Pro account
  • Expert account
  • 1 million club account

At first glance, the offer ensures all clients will get access to the minimum requirements to trade cryptocurrencies in optimal parameters. Even student account holders will have access to all trading instruments available at Markets Pilot, up to 1:200 leverage, assistance from an account manager, a live webinar once a month, and an economic calendar.

To rewards traders able to deposit more, Markets Pilot provides enhanced trading features for larger accounts. Among them, up to 1:500 leverage, automated strategies, weekly reports, expert advisers, in-depth research, portfolio construction, and individual trading with a cryptocurrency specialist are the most important to note.

Another important benefit of trading with Markets Pilot has to do with broad coverage of cryptocurrencies. The broker currently features tens of different tokens. Clients will be able to trade crypto paired with the US dollar, the Euro, or the popular stablecoin – Tether. Additionally, they can trade crypto against Bitcoin, Ether, or Monero. The current offer includes Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin, Dash, EOS, DogeCoin, OMG, ZCash, Lumens, Stellar, and plenty of other cryptocurrencies. There aren’t many trading brands like Markets Pilot offering access to so many cryptocurrency instruments.

The minimum deposit at Markets Pilot is $250 and the good news is that clients can deposit easily with a credit/debit card. Since it’s compliant with KYC & AML Policies, traders can rest assured the broker follows strict regulatory rules. They will have to pass a verification process by providing identification documents. Only verified account holders will be able to make withdrawals.

Online protection for customers is ensured via state-of-the-art security features. At any point in time, traders can rest assured their funds are kept safe and their private data is stored securely. These are the requirements all brokers should meet in 2020 and it’s good to see Markets Pilot is not behind the trend.


Taking all trading features into account, it is obvious Markets Pilot represents a trusted trading brand focused on providing access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. In the absence of other companies with similar functionalities, this should be the top option for traders wanting to focus on the innovative crypto market. Focusing on a single market comes with several advantages, as it had been already discussed.

To help them tackle the challenges of this market, Markets Pilot provides access to an optimized trading software (SIRIX) as well as a diversified trading offer, to meet the demands of all kinds of online traders. This means the trading ecosystem currently in place is one to be considered. For more information about the broker, feel free to visit the official website.