BTCUSD Price Analysis: BTC Trades In Important Channel For Now, Huge Resistance at $10k Again

BTCUSD is trading in a channel parallel in price with the resistance at $10,000 which is important because it is a huge resistance which can confirm again.

BTCUSD Price Analysis: 4 Hr Chart

BTCUSD Price Analysis
BTCUSD Price Analysis

BTCUSD is trading above the 55 and 20-EMAs which is a bullish but when it falls below the EMAs it is bearish and continues to be bearish. The RSI is showing moderate options in the middle which can visit the lower or upper value because that is what the RSI normally shows

The MACD provided a bearish cross which is bearish! So this can be a sign that BTC can look for more bearish signs. The next is important if BTC holds the channel or falls below it both will show the outcome in the direction when it holds about it’s bullish when it falls below its bearish. 

  • TREND: Sideway
  • EXPECTATION: Holding of channel or falling below
  • PREV: 9461.29
  • OPEN: 9459.82
  • VOLUME: 3.51K
  • DAY’S RANGE: 9250.00 — 9478.69