AI and Blockchain: A Winning Combination for Attracting Customers if Used Wisely

Technology is advancing faster than ever before these days, promising to change the world as we know it forever. Emerging technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality), blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and others, all offer to start a new era where processes would be faster, simpler, more transparent, and fair.

However, many still consider these technologies to be in their infancy stages, and this is mostly correct. Blockchain technology itself has only been around for a little more than 11 years. Most of that time, it was as unknown as cryptocurrencies.

Of course, there were those who learned of it early, who helped develop it, give it use cases, and start a rapid wave of interest that we know today. However, this technology is still developing and finding its final form, and it could be a while before it finishes that journey.

Even so, the progress that it sees along the way — especially in combination with other emerging technologies — will remain, and keep developing in its own direction. Blockchain technology, in particular, seems to be rather good at mixing up with other emerging tech. It has countless projects that combine it with the AI, the IoT, VR, social networks, supply chains, and pretty much every industry out there.

What Can AI and Blockchain do?

Let’s take the combination of blockchain and AI as an example — one that many believe has the highest potential. One of the best projects that can be taken as an example of how well the two work together is known as Sensorium.

Sensorium Corporation is a developer of AI, VR, as well as entertainment content solutions. The company also uses blockchain technology, via which it created its own token, SENSO. The token has seen a lot of activity recently, as it was added to one of the world’s most popular exchanges, Currently, its SENSO token is paired against Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and this addition has made the token available, in addition to further proving its legitimacy.

Sensorium itself has the spirit of Elon Musk’s ideas. One of Musk’s best-known and most-anticipated projects is Neurolink, which is basically a chip that would revolutionize human interaction with technology. Sensorium has a similar idea with its Sensorium Galaxy platform, which utilizes blockchain technology, VR, and AI to learn from users’ behavior, allowing users to experience social interactions through their digital twin — their avatar on the platform.

This project is only a single example of how big of a change blockchain and AI can bring to the world.

Blockchain and AI: The Inevitable Partnership

The partnership between blockchain and AI is inevitable, and that is really no surprise, considering that both deal with data and value. After all, blockchain technology aims to enable secure data sharing and storage, while the AI offers to analyze information, and create insights of great value.

As such, blockchain can improve the area of machine learning models, and make them much more advanced.

It is worth keeping in mind that such companies and projects are still fairly young, and it will take time for them to deliver on their promises. However, the very fact that they are promising such massive changes to the way we use and understand technology is groundbreaking, and definitely worth supporting and exploring further.

Artificial Intelligence is far from only being the stuff of Sci-Fi movies these days, and it is changing the world right now. As mentioned, it still hasn’t reached its full potential, but it is getting there, one day at a time.

In time, these technologies will most likely deliver on their promises. More than that, they will unlock the entire world of new possibilities that are not even being considered yet. Meanwhile, projects and companies that are exploring such tech right now will be considered pioneers that made it all happen.