Polarized Responses on BTC amid Economic Crisis

SEOUL, South Korea, April 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As much as the roller-coaster stock market, bitcoin investment sentiment tends to be extremely divided.

In a recent survey conducted by digital assets wallet ‘Dove Wallet’, when asked about their willingness to buy Bitcoin at this havoc, 39% of respondents expressed ‘now as a full bull without hesitation,’ while 35% said they would liquidate them all.

Overall, according to the survey findings, 51% of all respondents were still optimistic about bitcoin investment, while 41% of respondents showed a negative stance.

It is somewhat surprising, taking into account that survey participants were mostly crypto traders. Such neck and neck, dichotomous views seem to reflect the current sentiment of the fearful market with unprecedented volatility and uncertainty.

Interestingly, the survey showed that participants from India looked at Bitcoin investment in a more positive light than other parts of the world despite sharp market fluctuations.

The survey polled over 8,435 cryptocurrency users worldwide, conducted by Dove Wallet, to explore the impact of current economic uncertainty on crypto user’s Bitcoin investment.

“Despite crash market and polarized opinions, it seems Bitcoin is still an attractive investment of choice for many,” said Euntai Kim, CEO of Childly.


Founded and headquartered in Seoul, Korea, CHILDLY is a blockchain startup that provides digital asset distribution services, “Mining Pool Hub(miningpoolhub.com)” and digital assets wallet “Dove Wallet(dovewallet.com).”

Sung Nam Myung
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