Most Affordable Investing Platform and Robo-Advisor

Every investor in the marketing world wants to land a good deal. And that’s the law on this the marketing industry works- Buy at low and sell when high. But the biggest challenge that the investor’s face is the fees and the commission they have to pay after the deal.

With technological evolution, investing has become much easier thanks to the free online platforms. These platforms not only provide you with the free investing platform but it also provides you with free Robo advisor.

However, not all free investing platform provides you with the best of supportive features you need to make a good deal. Hence, there is a need for low cost investing platforms.

Here are the most affordable investing platforms.

  1. M1 Finance

    M1 finance is a new addition to the investing market. The investment fee is absolutely free. This platform is great for those investors who like long term investments and hold their stocks. M1 finance is a good platform to invest in stocks and ETFs. The best part of this platform is that it has an automation feature that can automatically invest in the portfolios that you have selected.

    However, the only drawback of this investing platform is that you there are limited fields where you can invest in. There are no individual bonds that you can opt for the investment. You are limited to invest in stocks and ETFs.

  2. Bitcoin Profit app
    is one of the new top leading platforms used for investing. It provides you numerous choices to invest in. you can invest in stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies as well. You can use this platform to buy bitcoin. And when the time is right, you can sell them to earn huge profit.

    There are thousands of investors who are investing in bitcoin via this platform. The best part of the Bitcoin app is that it provides a community forum for all the investor to discuss their problem with each other. This might help you to land high-profit deals.

  3. Robinhood

    Robinhood is also one of the tech startups and is one of the oldest companies to provide a free investing platform. Robinhood exclusively deals with the stock market, ETFs, options, and to some extent in the cryptocurrencies.

    Robinhood is one of the simplest platforms that you could ever get in the market. The investing option is also somewhat limited to 4-5 fields. However, it is very straight forward with its customer service system. When it comes down to customer service, Robinhood follows a ticketing system.

  4. Vanguard

    Vanguard is widely known among fellow investors because of its low index fund services. There have been many companies that stood aginst Vanguard as a company providing low index fund services. However, they were no match for the vanguard.

    As already mentioned above vanguard does not extract fees from the investors. For many, it seems to be a trivial thing, but the new investors is a huge saving that they can add to their investment.

    However, there is a con associated with the vanguard. It is fine as long as you are investing the funds related to the vanguard, but once you decide to invest out of these funds, the vanguard is the most expensive place to invest in.

  5. Fidelity

    In this list, fidelity is the largest broker, and indeed a robust one. Fidelity is the name that most of the investor must have heard in their investing career. This platform is one of the most common platforms for the investor to invest in. so you can be sure of one thing that 1 out of every 2 is a fidelity investor.

    Fidelity provides more than what you need. If you look from a beginner’s point of view, then fidelity can be very confusing at first. But for experienced investors, it is a paradise.