Bitcoin Under $9K, Analyst Gives Three Reasons For Bear Market

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Bitcoin is bearish. It has been for a number of weeks. The reason for the bearish market remains to be identified. It has been clear that it has something to do with the Coronavirus epidemic. A number of analysts, however, continue to explain what they think has been the reason.

One prominent analyst has gone one step ahead and pointed out three possible triggers for this bearish scenario the market faces.

Coronavirus Only One Of Possible Bear Triggers

Jacob Canfield, a prominent analyst has pointed out three possible reasons why Bitcoin is currently bearish. Most analysts have pointed out that the bear market has been a result of a market sell-off following the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic.

The same fate has been shared by the stock market. The same narrative has seen a huge debate over whether Bitcoin is a safe haven asset or risk asset break in the crypto community.

For Canfield, this is just one of the possible reasons.

He points out that another possible bear catalyst is miners hoarding. Miners are hoarding in anticipation of a price jump with the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

This has been pointed to be historically negative for Bitcoin. As they sell less than they mine, they protect the market which is too soft to sell into.”

The third scenario has to do with the PlusToken Ponzi scheme. The scheme which saw the scammers make away with nearly $2 billion, could be dumping. This has been supported by recent heightened activity by the scammers.

In the last couple of days, they have especially been using mixers according to one source.

Bitcoin Above $9K But Not In The Clear

Bitcoin has shown life in the last few days as it climbed above $9,000. This is after spending days below it and in the $8,600 and $8,800.

Bitcoin has now dropped below $9K again. This could see it spend another considerable time in the $8,800 range. With Canfield’s reasons; the Coronavirus will not end soon which means we could see Bitcoin bleed some more.

With the halving, bitcoin will definitely bounceback as demand continues to increase. Lastly, the PlusToken Ponzi dumping will end. This will see Bitcoin bounceback.