Bitcoin [BTC] Drops Violently at CME Expiry for March, BitMEX Traders Remain Bearish

bitcoin cme expiration fall

Bitcoin [BTC] drops by 9.1% as the breaks below critical support from the $6430 range. BTC price at 3: 30 hours UTC on 28th March 2020 is $6180.

Co-incidentally, the drop occurred on the hour following CME closing around 17: 00 hours CT time. The 1-hour chart on Coinbase shows how the price dropped by $300 (4.5%) breaking below the trading range from the past few days.

btcusd coinbase cme drop
BTC/USD 1-Hour Chart on Coinbase (TradingView)

The futures market was largely in backwardation (lower prices into the future) since the drop on March 13. Presently, the prices are beginning to reach parity with the future months; the closing yesterday suggests neutral sentiments.

btc cme closing
Bitcoin Futures CME Price on Friday Closing

The CME contract expiry on 27th March yields negative prices suggesting that the traders likely closed short positions causing a sell-off.

Bearish Sentiments

The lower-time frames are particularly bearish, as uncertainty continues to linger on the overall markets. Tyler Jenk’s Lucid SAR indicator along with the break-out from the ascending triangle sounds alarm for further bearish moves. Prominent derivatives’ and crypto traders, XC, tweeted,

Multiple day range breakout here, if you’re bullish on $BTC you should be praying for a quick V back above the mid 65 lows. If not MS (Market Structure) is clearly flipped bearish on the LTF (Lower Time Frame) charts

Moreover, the resistance from the Lucid SAR is at $696x.

btcusd coinbase
BTC/USD 4-Hour Chart on Coinbase (TradingView)

Moreover, the funding rate on BitMEX is plummeting towards the short-side, which creates an opportunity for whales to play long.

bitmex funding rate
BitMEX Funding Rate Indicator (TradingView)

As reported yesterday on CoinGape, the markets are seeing a shift of dominance from the derivatives exchanges to stop markets. This liquidity indicator on Coinbase, suggests that the buy and sell side seems to be balancing contrary to the times before the fall.

Hence, it looks like the spot buyers are competing against the futures market short players.

Do you think that the price will hold support above $6000 or bears will push it swing lows? Please share your views with us.