The Bitcoin Con Call – Twitter CEO Talks with Internet Pioneers from Africa and Hong-Kong

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Jack Dorsey, the CEO/Founder of Twitter and Founder of Square Crypto is not shy when it comes to Bitcoin. It is evident on his Twitter page and the efforts he has been putting around it.

Today, Dorsey posts the snapshot of a conference call with Dr. Nii Quaynor and Pindar Wong. The topics of discussion – Bitcoin.

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Dr. Quaynor and Wong have played key roles in Africa and Hong Kong, respectively, for the establishment and development of the internet.

Dr. Nii Quaynor, is a computer science engineer and scientist who is the first African to be elected as a board member in ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Moreover, he has worked for nearly two decades to bring internet facilities to Africa.

On the other hand, Pindar Wong was responsible in bringing licensed ISP services in Hong-Kong. He has also served as an ICANN board member. Currently, he is heading VeriFi ltd, a digital infrastructure company for Financial Servcices in Hong-Kong.

The signal is loud and clear – Bitcoin Adoption!

Apart from SquareCrypto, which is Dorsey’s focus area currently apart from Twitter. As reported earlier on CoinGape, Dorsey has focused on bringing Bitcoin to Africa to help the economy of the region. Ideally, early Bitcoin adoption could provide for greater global financial inclusion in the future.

Furthermore, Hong-Kong is a developed city, however, riddled with administrative tussle with the Chinese Government. The outbreak of violent protests and police retaliation last year caused a lot of stress across the region and globally, as well.

As their demand for independence from the Government grew stronger, Bitcoin witnessed a huge uptrend in price. Dorsey is now discussing Bitcoin adoption in the two economies, one requiring growth and other, demanding independence.

The conference call also had Steve Lee, an angel investor and previously, Product Director at Google. He is also working with Square Crypto, at the moment.

Do you think this a bullish signal for Bitcoin? Please share your views with us.