Twitter may soon add Bitcoin tipping feature

If sources are to be believed then the popular go-to social networking app for millions around the world is considering adding Bitcoin tipping feature on its platform, powered by Dorsey-found financial services and mobile payments company, Square Inc.

Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, is a busy man. For over four years now, Dorsey has been efficiently splitting his time and attention between both companies as a full-time CEO and emerged as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of today’s age. Amid this balancing act, he also manages time to endorse the world’s favorite crypto – Bitcoin.

Yes, Jack Dorsey is an ardent supporter of Bitcoin and the concept of decentralization. Last year, he toured around Africa to meet some of the budding and enthusiastic Bitcoin and blockchain entrepreneurs in the region and discuss plans for the future. He went to declare that it is, in fact, Africa that holds the future of Bitcoin. In December, Dorsey announced his support for a decentralized social networking platform, Bluesky, would address the issues concerning fake information making the rounds on social media today.

Will Twitter roll out a Bitcoin tipping service?

On 13th January 2020, a report published by The Information, suggested that Twitter is mulling over adding Square-enabled Bitcoin tipping service. The news was announced by the unnamed individuals who are part of the management’s decisions. Although it wasn’t revealed whether Square would be a part of this project, experts believe that the crypto payments company would be the main facilitator of the service.

Another reason to believe that Twitter may soon start the Bitcoin tipping service is the fact Dorsey has been the biggest investor Lightning Network – Bitcoin micropayments solution with an answer to its ever-troubling problem of scalability. He also publicly backed the idea tweeted by the Lightning tipping developers recently.

Dorsey also goes great lengths to speak about how Bitcoin and the concept of decentralization can change the face of social media today. Thus, all of this and much more, suggest that the company may very well be gearing up for launching a Bitcoin tipping service soon and Dorsey may take a step further in integrating his passion into his business. 

Featured Image by Flickr