North Korean hacking group is using Telegram to steal crypto

North Korean hacking group Lazarus is allegedly using Telegram to steal crypto assets. 

Lazarus found using Telegram to steal crypto

Notorious hacking group Lazarus, which allegedly operates under the regime of North Korea, was found using the Telegram app to steal crypto. Research by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky suggests that Lazarus has changed its method of operation from large-scale hacking to discreet theft schemes. The group is now deploying “improved tactics” to steal crypto from unsuspecting investors across Telegram.

Telegram, being one of the most popular messaging apps in the crypto sphere, is host to a large number of investors that use the platform for office and private uses. The network is currently working towards the launch of its native blockchain called TON, as well as a token named Gram.

Lazarus is creating fake crypto trading platforms to lure in investors and steal their assets. The research showed that Lazarus had created sophisticated websites with links to social media platforms, including fake trading groups across Telegram. Both, the fake trading platform, as well as the Telegram schemes, are deemed as dangerous and have affected numerous victims. A reported case of one such victim revealed that his Windows device was infected with malicious files through Telegram.

The research team found numerous fake crypto trading platforms that were seemingly created by using free web templates. The scheme was uncovered recently; however, it has been going on for a long period of time. As per the research, one fake platform was created back in late 2018.

The malware gives control of the device to North Korean Hackers.

Featured image by pixabay.