Crypto will soon become indispensable, Winklevoss Twins

According to a recent tweet posted by one of the Winklevoss Twins, Tyler Winklevoss, the new decade will see crypto becoming extremely crucial to lead everyday lives.

In the last decade, cryptocurrency emerged as a powerful indicator of how the money will be used and perceived in the future, and Tyler Winklevoss has always been a firm believer in its potential use cases. The Gemini Trust CEO and co-founder recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on what this decade holds for crypto.


Soon crypto will be a necessity, Winklevoss Twins

Winklevoss thinks that even though crypto technology is still in its primitive stage and yet to carve out a niche for itself, it is very likely that it will emerge as the new normal in the years to come. According to him, crypto is a form of money but isn’t as essential as email or other web applications yet. The situation, however, is soon about to change as cryptocurrency adoption gradually sets the pace, he explained.

Essentially, decentralization will pave the way for cryptocurrencies, Winklevoss continues and will be the main driving force behind cryptocurrency adoption rate as it continues to empower people with greater control and transparency. Crypto has not only set out to transform the face of the internet but also overhaul existing monetary systems that involve unsustainable banking practices exploiting individuals’ rights and control over their money, he added.

Crypto means more power, more freedom

As one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin and a sought-after crypto entrepreneur, Winklevoss believes the technology is too advantageous to fail. The benefits are many, and thus it is difficult to pull it out of the limelight, he asserts. People will eventually turn to crypto as there is more need for freedom and sovereignty than ever before, he says.

Per Winklevoss, just like some significant inventions such as the internet, printing press, and personal laptops, which have given a new meaning to independence and autonomy, people will soon realize that crypto offers all this and more, thus paving the path for broader adoption.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has shown tremendous potential in the past decade in terms of market dominance and returns. In fact, it surpassed traditional asset classes like stocks and gold and emerged as the best performing asset this decade, a recent report revealed.

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