Bitcoin to USD volumes were down 9% in December

In CryptoCompare’s most recent exchange report, their research team compared aggregate monthly exchange volumes and trading data for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on both top-tier and low-tier cryptocurrency exchanges in December 2019.

The report suggested that volume from top-tier exchanges decreased by 26.26%, while low-tier volumes decreased by just 19.9%. The team also noted how the aggregate top-tier exchange volume still represented only 27.4% of the total market.

Further, they showed how exchanges like BitforexHitBTC and EXX had the largest trade sizes relative to other top exchanges, with an average of 1.91, 1.3 and 0.98 bitcoin respectively. Bibox and Liquid purportedly saw the highest average trade count per day last month, each with 347,000 and 319,000 trades per day. …

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