Bitcoin Mining Operations Offer New Strategies before Reward Reduction

Since reward halving is around the corner, Bitcoin miners are designing new strategies to allow customers to utilize hashrate services to get the most profits. Clients can now switch between the BTH and BTC mining automatically.

Below are the strategies offered by Bitcoin Mining:

Poolin’s Auto-Switch Feature

Bitcoin mining operations are competitive, and most processing power is focused on VSV, BCH, and BTC. The profits linked to BCH and BTC vary because miners now have the freedom to choose between these 2 chains.

Profitable Bitcoin mining pool between BCH and BTC can also differ compared to BSV. Most miners prefer to process blockchains on both the BTC and BCH systems; however, there are some who operate using the 3 chains based on profit differences.

Bitcoin mining potential continues to increase as the mining operation Poolin designed new hashrate auto-switch elements that automatically link to the most profitable chain between BTC and BCH.

When more miners concentrate on a particular Cryptocurrency, its difficult algorithm becomes more challenging. This affects the profits of small miners. Sometimes, when Cryptocurrency’s difficulty changes, small miners are forced to manually turn to other Cryptocurrencies. Poolin is useful because they released a program to help miners automatically switch between currencies.

This tool is effective when switching between BCH and BTC mining. There are high chances that BSV will be incorporated in this tool soon. It is wise to know that Hashrate Auto-Switch operates with Cryptocurrencies that utilize the same algorithm.

The price of Bitcoin and the difficulty algorithm keeps changing, but utilizing the Hashrate Auto-Switch tool could be useful for many miners. This could also be beneficial to offer security to other Cryptocurrencies.

Bitmain’s Strategies

Bitmain introduced 3 strategies, which are the option hedging, joint mining, and payment installment, this lowers customers’ threshold. If you are asking, is Bitcoin safe? You should know that it is, and criminals find it hard to conduct illegal activities.

This installment payment system is beneficial for mining customers. Big establishments, which buy more than 100 mining devices and more, are allowed a 50% down payment. For instance, if you purchase more than 5,000 machines, your down payment will be 20%, and the remaining amount has to be paid 7 days before the delivery.

Reducing the Distributors’ Threshold

The introduction of payment installment for Bitcoin cloud mining helps to reduce the threshold for different distributors while giving them more for their stock. Bitmain has 2 new miners that minimize pressure on customers’ cash flow.

These miners are S17e and T17e, that have improvements, which promote stable activities, more efficiency, and longevity. The hashrate for S17e tool is 64TH/s with a power efficiency of 45 J/TH. The T17e has a hashrate of 53 TH/s and power of 55 J/TH.

These machines will take Bitcoin 2020 to the next level. Both machines have a dual-tube heat dispels system. This aids the machines’ effectiveness to get of heat. They improve the durability and functionality of the machines. The sophisticated software of the machines prevents malicious and illegal attacks or hacking. Bitmain is ready to introduce a one-year joint mining mode and giving out S17 machines as well as paying the annual power bill. Their partners are only required to provide infrastructure, mining farm, and personnel.

Bitmain will Obtain 75% of the Income from the Cooperation

75% of the income is collected from the cooperation, while 25% goes to the partners. If the revenue is not enough, distribution does not happen. Bitmain aims to promote self-established mining farms from distributing and spending on the machines for mass production.

Bitmain provides a platform to connect farm owners and crypto miners. This is the only such platform in the world. This platform was named the World Digital Mining Map, and its purpose is to act as a global network that connects mining hardware owners and mining farms. Bitmain will provide resources and free accommodation.

Network members will also enjoy several benefits; for instance, accessing various Bitmain’s specialized services. These include supporting the designs of mining farms, connecting international customers to host, aiding in operations and construction. Folks wishing to be enlisted on this platform should provide data of their most recent mining activities and prove that they can accommodate Bitcoin miners.

This platform was designed to boost crypto mining and sustaining it in the long run. This is a unique strategy to connect hardware owners and mining farms. Many mining farms are expected to switch their operations and provide new elements as the signs of reward halving start to trend. Some folks claim that Bitcoin miners are holding on to coins while waiting for prices to rise. Also, proponents can observe BCH and BTC and how they interact with reward reduction.


A lot of things have changed since the last halving in Bitcoin, and every time this happens it is not clear how the Cryptocurrency market or Bitcoin prices will respond. This is similar to how prices differ because of supply.

What is your opinion of the BTC and BCH 2020 halving? Please share your thoughts with us.

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