Bitcoin correlation may still be legitimizing entire asset class

Matt Chwierut, Director of Research at leading blockchain research firm, Smith + Crown, recently published an article expanding on the potential blockchain trends in 2020, Bitcoin correlation, security token issuances, and corporate adoption beyond Libra. In the article, Chwierut argued that while a security token revolution is anticipated this year, such optimism may not truly be warranted.

According to Chwierut, Smith + Crown has consistently spoken about the prospect of security tokens developing into ‘Securities Plus’ that “bring new money into the space as compelling opportunities appear.” While this would be an important development, he also spoke of how difficult it is to argue that everything is in place for such a shift.

Chwierut admitted, however, that progress has been made in terms of developing infrastructure to support the issuance, trading, and custody of security tokens. However, he maintained that “the absence of enough compelling projects to form a mini-portfolio adopting the approach remains a substantial issue.” Subsequently, he said that any more than a small number of truly appealing security token offerings would quickly become an important and impactful trend.

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