Will Altcoins Make a Comeback in 2020? Here’s what Analysts Think

altcoins comeback

Bitcoin [BTC] price currently seems to be range bound in the $7000 range. Moreover, the past few weeks have been highly bearish for altcoins.

Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], BCH and so on are close reaching last years’ November support levels where the reversal began.

With XRP has been trading below $0.2 – a two year low in the price of the cryptocurrency. It is trading down 92% from its high in December 2017.

xrpusd weekly chart
XRP/USD Weekly Chart on Bitstamp (TradingView)

Positive Outlook

Josh Rager, a crypto analyst and derivatives trader notes on altcoins that,

Volatility is low, correlation is very similar with Bitcoin. A lot of these altcoins whether market makers/big investors are waiting to see what Bitcoin does.

He also mentions that in case of a drop in Bitcoin to $6000, the price of altcoins could benefit from it.

According to a recent prediction by BitMEX research, the dominance of Bitcoin could decrease over the course of 2020. This would imply increase in the value of altcoins w.r.t. Bitcoin.

Maximalist’s View

However, Willy Woo’s Altcoin/Bitcoin market capitalization chart, the ratio is currently at the threshold level.

altcoin bitcoin ratio
Altcoin/BTC MCap Ratio (Source: Woobull)

According to Woo, the break-down of the trendline could cause another 60% drop in the ratio where the altcoins would finally be purged of the 2017 bubble run. The On-chain analyst perceives that the correlation with Bitcoin’s bull trend would break below the line.

Nevertheless, many altcoins XRP, Litecoin [LTC], Ether [ETH] and so on are already testing levels prior to the exponential run in December 2017. While the bullish sentiments were intact throughout the year, it was not before December where the mad-run was witnessed. However, Bitcoin’s dominance prior to the ‘alt-season’ in 2017 was above 80%.

bitcoin altcoin mcap
Bitcoin/Altcoin Market Capitalization 

Furthermore, there are other ‘Bitcoin Maximalists’, as one might call them, who believe that Bitcoin’s dominance would increase past 80% again as the ‘shitcoins’ continue to die.

Last but not the least, the altcoins currently include stablecoins as well, which is basically FIAT. Hence, the actual dominance of altcoins in the crypto-markets might be lower.

How do you analyse the bitcoin: altcoin dominance in the near future? Please share your views with us. 

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