Set the imprisoned Silk Road creator free, Tim Draper

One of the most successful venture capitalists and a sought-after spokesperson for Bitcoin and its future Tim Draper is adamant on getting the infamous Silk Road creator and operator, Ross Ulbricht, out of prison. 

Ross Ulbricht was a successful darknet market creator and operator before he was convicted and imprisoned in 2013. He now serves a life term on several charges, few of which are money laundering, cyber hacking, and drug trafficking. And while many would not deem fit to mull over his life imprisonment sentence, Tim Draper makes an exception to this. If you are one to assume that being a reputable billionaire and an influential figure from Silicon Valley would make one carefully weigh up the consequences of opinions before making them public, then you’re probably wrong.

Tim Draper is as forthright and outspoken as he can get and it’s not just about Bitcoin. In September, Draper took to Twitter to advocate the release of the notorious Silk Road creator and managed to raise many eyebrows. He stated that life imprisonment is too severe a punishment for this entrepreneur. He has served five years in prison, and that’s enough, according to Draper.

Silk Road creator is a brilliant mind, Draper

Following that, during a recent Crypto Finder video podcast, Draper was asked again about his latest stance, to which he unapologetically replied that nothing has changed. Ross needs to be free and allowed to be in the game again, Draper asserted. He may have used it in a wrong way, but Ross shows an exceptional brilliance like no other I have seen recently. These brilliant minds should not be contained in a prison cell. Get him out. For all we know, he could come up with another groundbreaking invention, Draper exclaimed.

Reportedly, Ulbricht facilitated the use of cryptocurrencies on the dark web to trade contraband. Although the FBI put a halt to these operations immediately, Draper took the opportunity to buy the thirty thousand Bitcoin that were seized. Since then, it appears that Ulbricht caught Draper’s attention in the right way.

I agree he stepped way over the line and got caught. But he has served five years already, and it is now time for him to come out and put his talent to good use, Draper continued, it upsets me when I see criminals with brilliant minds serving a life sentence in prison, Draper concluded.

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