RSK unveils $200k grants for dApp developers

RSK has revealed a grants program to support the development of decentralised applications (dApps).

RSK grants program

The company has dedicated 200,000 dollars for the project and developers have been invited to present their ideas regarding dApps. RSK is the first smart contract platform deployed on the Bitcoin network. The platform allows developers to create, test and employ dApps.

The program would allow developers to test their skills and help them improve by giving them guiding feedback. The program involves a round of feedback that would help developers in improving themselves. The program also offers mentorship opportunities with the platform’s developers.

RSK is exploring software tools that upgrade the blockchain network. According to the firm’s website, The company is asking developers to create software tools that improve the RSK ecosystem these include in-browser wallets and compilers among other tools for its platform. Developers have been given one year to research and submit their ideas to their team.

RSK is focused on improving the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem to maintain Bitcoin’s position as the market leader over the long run. This is why the company is trying to encourage developers to build dApps on the Bitcoin network instead of other blockchain networks.

The blockchain world is ever-changing, and new ideas continue to emerge as previously developed software and blockchain improve themselves.

Across the last 12 months, many new projects have appeared such as Facebook’s Libra which inspired the Chinese Central Bank Digital Currency.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum network has been developing countless solutions to introduce scalability to its blockchain network. Etherum has employed various on-chain, and off-chain solutions as the networks move towards its major upgrade to Ethereum 2.0.