Disney vs TRON: Disney blocks Tron foundation from acquiring trademark patent for 3 terms

Disney has blocked Tron Foundation from acquiring trademark patent rights for three terms.

Disney vs TRON: Trademark issue

According to the report, Tron Foundation’s Chinese partner Raybo Technology had filed trademark requests for the terms “TRON,” “TRONNETWORK,” and “TRONIX”. The request was filed at US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in February 2018.

Disney took notice of the patent soon after the requests were filed and immediately filed notices of opposition at USPTO. Disney claimed that these trademarks of the Tron Foundation would create brand confusion and infringe upon Disney’s property.

Disney argued that the trademarks would be infringing on its popular series titled ‘TRON’ that dates back to 1982 when the original movie was released. After the success of the TRON movie, the series gained much attention from the public. In 2010 a sequel titled TRON: Legacy was released.

Disney vs Tron: Disney successful

The USPTO rejected all three trademark requests by the Tron Foundation as Disney turned up successful. Disney stated that the use of all capital letters by the Tron Foundation was a move of bad faith. Disney claimed that the use of all capitals would be the main reason for brand confusion.

Disney’s claims seem to hold weight as Google search results for ‘Tron’ were filled with links related to the movie. For queries regarding the blockchain, people would have to use terms such as ‘Tron blockchain’ or ‘Tron TRX.’

General counsel for Compound stated that Tron was not serious about the trademark process. The firm was told to hire US counsel to represent them by USPTO which they never did. They did not respond to the notice sent by USPTO, which meant that they “gave up on their trademark attempt completely.”