Death of QuadrigaCX CEO: Victims demand proof of CEO’s death by exhuming body

Canadian law firm Miller Thompson has requested the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to exhume the body of QuadrigaCX CEO and conduct a thorough autopsy.

QuadrigaCX CEO really dead?

QuadrigaCX CEO Gerald Miller’s death was surrounded by controversy as he seemed to have died during a trip to India while being the only employee of the company to possess the private keys of the wallets. The platform’s users faced difficulties before the CEO’s sudden ‘trip’ to India.

The Central bank of Canada froze five accounts owned by the owner of Costodian Inc., a subsidiary of QuadrigaCX. The bank took the case to the Ontario Supreme court and handed the custody of the funds to the court while asking them to determine the origin of funds. There was no clear indication of who the funds belonged to QuadrigaCX, Costodian or the users at the company.

Now investors are demanding to see the body of dead CEO to verify that the CEO is actually dead and not faking his death. Miller Thompson stated that the situation at the time of Gerald’s death are questionable and have cost quite significant losses so the exhuming was appropriate.

The firm highlights the controversy regarding the incident and believes that the authorities should clear up the situation. It was stated that there was a need for “certainty” around the death of Gerald.

Previously, the widow of Gerald Cotten, Jennifer Robertson handed nearly nine million dollars to aggrieved investors through various assets. Robertson stated that she would be transferring the majority of their estate assets to EY Canada that acted as the bankruptcy trustee of QuadrigaCX.