Coinbase and DustAid join hands to support crypto charity donations

Crypto exchange platform Coinbase and DustAid have joined hands to support charitable donations through digital assets. DustAid is a non-profit organisation with the objective of converting small sums of digital assets from wallets and exchanges into charitable donations.

Coinbase and DustAid join hands for crypto charity

As per the exchange’s announcement, the partnership would allow Coinbase users to donate digital assets to three charity organisations that work for different causes. DustAid would connect these organizations through Coinbase Commerce a Coinbase product that allows merchants to accept crypto payments. The announcement has come near the end of 2019 a few days before Christmas and is predicted to receive positive feedback.

The three organisations mentioned above include NSPCC, Little Edi Foundation and Space for Giants. Space for Giants’ (SFG) objective is to secure the future for the species of elephants in Kenya

Little Edi Foundation works for the betterment of poor people living in the rural areas of Romania. Their main aim is to improve the livelihood of the people by providing them with housing, education and other basic necessities of life. The foundation wants to break the “cycle of illiteracy” by providing them with uniforms, lunch, and other equipment.

NSPCC, according to their website, stands for National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Just like its title the group works for the betterment of children. NSPCC works to liberate children from abuse and other such harmful environments.

NSPCC official Louse Corden expressed his gratitude towards DustAid and Coinbase. He stated that he is hopeful that crypto users would make a “festive donation” to the charity.

Blockchain could play an important part in charity as its transparency could boost donators’ trust while allowing the organisations to work on a smooth and cheap network. Firms utilizing this power of blockchain can observe a visible effect. Fidelity’s Fidelity Charitable revealed that the firm has received over 100 million dollars worth of crypto assets since it started accepting them back in 2015.